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Introducing SAP River

SAP River is a new development language and environment for developing a complete SAP HANA backend application, describing the data model, the business logic and access control within a single and integrated program specification.


What is SAP River?

SAP River is centered around the SAP River language, a new and expressive development language for developing entire backend applications natively on SAP HANA. The SAP River language allows a developer to design and specify all the semantic elements of a data-centric business application, including its data model, data constraints, the business logic and role based access control, within a single, coherent and integrated program specification.


SAP River is familiar, declarative, expressive, object-oriented and modular, supporting the development of complex applications consisting of hundreds of objects and actions. SAP River is fully compatible with existing SAP HANA objects, like tables, views, database procedures and XSJS  procedures.

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How Can I Learn More?


How Can I get Started With SAP River ?


  • Sign-up here, to register your interest in the SAP River Early Adoption Program.
  • Try it out, at
  • Click here, to find out how to organize an SAP River Code Jam event.



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