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SAP Business Objects to End of Life Postalsoft Data Quality Solutions

SAP is committed to providing you with world-class solutions that help address your data quality and information management challenges. In order to make these types of ongoing investments, at times we need to end of life technologies as well. As a result, SAP will retire the SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft data
quality products in 2015. The goal of this communication is to provide a notification to all customers of the upcoming March 31, 2015 end-of-life (“EOL”) date, provide you with details on what products are affected, make available to you various resources for more detailed information, and point you in the right direction for replacement SAP solutions that you can upgrade to.


End-of-Life products & date

The following is a list of products that we will discontinue from our SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft portfolio and cease all support services on effective March 31, 2015:

The SAP BusinessObjects Postalsoft Package for Data Quality, which includes: 

    • ACE (US Address Correction and Encoding)
    • DataRight IQ (DIQ)
    • Match / Consolidate (MCD)

Key: All deployments of the Postalsoft DQ solutions will EOL together- Jobfile, RAPID, and Library.

You now have about 17 months to successfully transition to newer SAP dq solutions.


Please note that you will be able to renew your product maintenance and support up through the EOL date, even if this is just a partial year for you.

SAP customers should contact their Account Executive or the Maintenance and Renewals team with questions on when their contracts expire and how to renew through EOL date. They will also be able to provide you with guidance and valuable information on a replacement solution for the products scheduled for EOL. This is particularly important for customers needing an USPS® CASSTM-certified solution to replace Postalsoft ACE. SAP has the right CASS certified solution for you beyond Postalsoft ACE.    

Please refer to the SAP SCN Postalsoft page for additional details as they become available, as well as discussions and  updates:


SAP Product Upgrade Options

SAP Data Services and Data Quality Management SDK solutions are replacement technologies for legacy ACE, DIQ, and MCD. Postalsoft customers can readily transition to newer, more powerful SAP DQM solutions regardless of what deployment architecture you are using currently: Jobfile, RAPID, or Library. Make the transition and the rewards will be significant!


All of the same functionality and options are available in the newer SAP DQM solutions, but they are provided on a more robust and powerful platform. Plus you gain access to many additional countries, wide support for any data source / target type with enterprise connectivity, scalable processing performance with parallelization and grid computing, workflow design, multi-user development, and much more. Data Services and DQM-SDK are not only CASS-certified for the US, but they can assist you with address cleansing throughout the world and are certified by other mailing authorities.


We encourage you to find out more information on the business benefits you can gain by upgrading to newer, more powerful SAP data quality solutions, including Data Services, DQM SDK, and DQM Edge solutions for midsize companies at: 

Please contact your sales account executive or appropriate SAP representative today for additional details.


If you purchased your SAP solution through an SAP reseller or VAR partner, please reach out to them for more information on your upgrade and solution offerings. Existing Postalsoft customers should be able to take advantage of pricing incentives to move up to newer SAP DQ solutions. And some of our partners even have new options available to you to make the transition from legacy Postalsoft solutions to newer SAP technologies smoother.


Resources and Contacts for additional information

If you have any questions about your Postalsoft products and options rolling forward once we reach EOL, please contact your SAP Account Executive. If you do not know who your AE is, please contact the customer interaction center (CIC). The CIC is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and it provides a central point of contact for assistance. Call the CIC at 800 677 7271 or visit them online at Or reach out directly to the SAP reseller or VAR partner you have worked with in the past.




This announcement marks the end of life for the remaining legacy SAP “Postalsoft” solutions that have been leading the industry for 25 years. (Remember that the Postalsoft mailing solutions reach EOL later this year- December 31, 2013.) While we are not excited to see these solutions go, we are very thrilled about our newer more-powerful SAP data quality solutions! SAP remains committed to the highest level of US address quality under USPS rules and regulations, and provides a window unto the globe for all of your address cleansing and data quality needs.


Again, we want to emphasize that SAP is highly committed to providing leading enterprise information management solutions that help you meet your rapidly growing business requirements.  We thank you very much for your continued support. And we look forward to assisting you with your transition to the latest SAP Data Quality solutions.


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