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SAP Certified Enterprise Storage Hardware for SAP HANA

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The SAP Partner certified hardware for SAP HANA listing is now available via the SAP HANA Hardware Directory at the following location: -> Partner -> SAP Partner hardware certified for SAP HANA


     View listings button.JPGThe SAP HANA Hardware Directory  contains all Appliances and Enterprise Storage solutions which have been certified.  The list of certified Appliances includes hardware based on Haswell and Ivy Bridge technologies, as well as previously validated hardware based on the Nehalem and Westmere technologies  (details).  The directory also contains a list of Entry Level Systems which supports SAP HANA but is not certified by SAP.


The certification is valid for the period stipulated in the Integration Certification Agreement.  The exact validity date of the certification is indicated in the certification letter that is issued upon successful completion of testing.

The certification confirms the existence of product features in accordance with SAP certification procedures. SAP only certifies successful integration of the product with SAP solutions. Vendor is responsible for the product itself and its error-free operation.


Certified Enterprise Storage

The certification is valid for a particular enterprise storage family of the hardware manufacturer wherein multiple models might be included. During the preparation phase of the certification, the Partner and SAP can jointly agree on the group of appliances to be certified. The storage family can be defined as a set of enterprise storage models that share and fulfill all of the following criteria:

·         They are based on the same architecture

·         They use the same storage connector(s)

·         Comparable components are used as with the tested setup

·         All the KPIs are met by the lowest member of the storage family

·         Consistent documentation for the storage family which is applicable for all SAP HANA setup scenarios: single node, scale up and scale out


Enterprise Storage Certification Scenarios

There are several scenarios available for SAP HANA enterprise storage certification. Please see details below for the test procedure which comes with each scenario version applicable to the HANA Hardware Certification Check Tool (HWCCT).


     1. Scenario Version HANA-HWC-ES 1.0

          • For certification tests,  HWCCT based on HANA SPS8 or SPS9 and related revisions is used.

     2. Scenario Version HANA-HWC-ES 1.1

          • For certification tests, HWCCT based on HANA SPS10 and related revisions is used.

          • New KPI table is introduced


The Enterprise Storage Certification Scenario HANA-HWC-ES 1.1 is the successor of HANA-HWC-ES 1.0 with an updated testing method and an adopted set of KPIs. Certifications that were released under scenario 1.0 remain valid until their expiration date and to be used with all SAP HANA revisions. From July 14th 2015 onwards the certification scenario 1.1 is mandatory.



Details in the directory have been provided by Partners and are accurate on the certification date.  Information in the listings are provided by SAP SE for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP SE shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the information listed.  SAP SE reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any error or omissions in any portion of the directory.


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