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Recorded 2013 ESP TechEd sessions:


Event Stream Processing – Introduction to Continuous Queries  (2013;  1 hour)


In this session, we take a close look at how to define and run continuous queries using the SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (SAP Sybase ESP). Continuous queries are at the heart of complex event processing (CEP), allowing you to apply business logic to streams of event data in real time, to monitor trends, watch for patterns, and in general, to understand what's going on in a fast-moving environment. This session demonstrates the tools used to build continuous queries, as well as the event process language used in SAP Sybase ESP


Real-Time Data Movement – Different Scenarios for Different Needs (2013; 1 hour)


In this session, we discuss functional needs rather than the technique about replication. We point to SAP products including SAP Sybase Replication Server, SAP Landscape Transformation, and SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor in order to solve these different needs while providing several references and/or use cases in order to illustrate our purpose. We also perform some short demos using these products


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