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Data Geek 2.0 - 2013 Finalists



Data Geek Squad


The Big Data Boss


NOAA.gifFinding and Loading NOAA Hourly Climate Data - Part 1 (Winner)

Author: John Appleby


John uses the power of SAP Lumira to analyze data from the National Oceanix and Atmospheric Administration.


See his Data Viz story here!






HANA View data visualization from SAP Lumira 

Author: Naveen Inuganti


When SAP Lumira and SAP HANA are working together, it can only mean one thing...BIG DATA!


See Naveen's experience using both systems.






Analyzing Wikipedia Data with SAP Lumira

Author: Bill Ramos


No doubt Wikipedia has become a global resource for users to look up information quickly. With more than 31 million pages that is a lot of data to maintain. Bill uses the power of SAP Lumira to analyze of some that data to help determine the effectiveness of marketing programs!





The Predictor



Predicting Tuberculosis (TB) (Winner)

Author: Nameeth Raman

Born in India, Nameeth has seen many cases of Tuberculosis. Being able to use the Power of SAP Predictive Analysis he analyzes trends for TB in India until 2015!






#Sharknado Social Media Analysis Using SAP Predictive Analysis

Author:Hillary Bliss



Sharknado quickly became a social media sensation, with the #sharknado hashtag quickly trending world wide. Hillary uses SAP Predictive Analysis to visualize, and analyze social media data related to Sharknado!




Predicting Tour de France stage wins using SAP Predictive Analysis

Author: Dirk Kemper


Do you think you can predict who will win the Tour De France?


Dirk uses SAP Predictive Analysis to see how a spectator could go about doing so!


The Visualizer



Now SAP Lumira Helps NASA!!

Author: Jansi Rani Murugesan


Since Jansi was a child, space related topics were always occupying his dreams. Using the powerful visualizations within SAP Lumira, Jansi analyzes the Kepler. A space instument telescope launched by NASA to discover Earth like plants orbiting other stars.





Analyzing US gun crime statistics using SAP Lumira

Author: Ganugapenta Pradeep Kumar


Using the latest data from FBI Uniform crime reports, Ganugapenta analyzes US gun crime stats using SAP Lumira.




How SAP Lumira finalized my Dream Destination Countries (Winner)

Author: Abijeet Mukkawar


Want to go on vacation, but don't know where?



Abhijeet turns to SAP Lumira for some guidance!



The Sidekick



Analyzing flight delays with SAP Lumira

Author: Julien Delvat


According to the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 643 million passengers travel over 9 million flights in the USA alone. Julien analyzes the impact of fight delays and cancellations with SAP Lumira!






Analyzing Nutritional Information of Fast Food Restaurants using SAP Lumira

Author: Benedict Vasanth


Ever wonder about the nutritional information of some fast food restaurants? Benedict did. He used SAP Lumira to determine calories, choices and more!






Analysing the @SCNblogs twitter timeline (Winner)

Author: Robert Russell


Robert uses data from the @SCNblogs Twitter Timeline



See how he uses SAP Lumira to analyze Sachin's career.


The Prodigy



Analyzing Workforce distribution Report with SAP Lumira - The BI Revoultion (Winner)

Author: Varun Mankodi


Varun analyzes workforce distribution reports with SAP Lumira.


See how easy he finds out the product works!





Analyzing the world of cyberspace, factors that affect it

Author: kenneth chua


Cyberspace is a realm of electronic communication. It is the virtual reality where online communication takes place over computer networks in every part of the world. Kenneth uses SAP Lumira to find the amount of cyberspace usage in the country.





Success of Hollywood movies

Author: Trafela Petra


Tarafela uses the power of SAP Lumira to analyze data from more than 600 movies from major Hollywood films from 2007 to 2011.


See her Data Viz story.



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