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SAP EHS WWI - Asian Language

Scope of the Document:     To Print Phrase in multiple language & in particular, Asian Language:


  • Phrases
  • Assigning the phrases in right value assignment tab for Specification
  • Report Template
  • Generation Variant


T-code:        CG12 - Edit Phrases --> Create New

Create a new phrase, “Consult Physician”.

Maintain the phrases in other required languages. (To translate you can make use of google translate).

Asian 2.jpg

Assign it to the Phraseset, “SAP_EHS_1015_012_TREATMENT”.


Assigning the phrases in right value assignment tab for Specification:

T-Code:         CG02 – Substance Workbench.

Create New specification of specification type “Real Substance”.

Naviagate to “Hints For Physician” under “ Medicine” in standard Property tree.

Assign the Phrase, “Consult Physician”.

ASian 1.jpg

Save the specification.

Create WWI Document:

T-Code:          CG42 – Create Report Template

In the template, include the syntax like this, (Repeating group Type G inside a Master repeating group)

Asian 3.jpg






Format  "G1015012TR" as Times New Roman.

(The Language setting are there in WWI.INI)


Create Generation Variant:

T-Code:         CG2b – Edit Generation Variant

Create a new generation variant.

Asian 4.jpg

In the Rating & Validity tab, maintain the following validity area & report language,

Asian 5.jpg

Validity Region – Language.









Assign the report template to the generation variant.

Then go to CG42 & release the template.


Report from template :

Goto specification workbench ( CG02). Select the specification and right click it, Reports-> Report from Template.

Asian 6.jpg

Asian 7.jpg


Output :


Asian 8.jpg



Subash Sankar


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