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SAP Learning Hub Free Courses Overview

SAP Learning Hub provides access to more than 80 free courses within its discovery edition, along with other free offerings.  This overview document covers all free SAP Education courses currently available via SAP Learning Hub. Access the cover pages linked in the course title column below for all free full courses to discuss questions, experiences or more.


NOTE: Currently the discovery edition is in high demand - so please be patient if it takes some time to get your user granted. Thanks!


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You can earn points and badges by bookmarking this page (I found SAP Learning Hub’s free courses: 2 points), or by successfully completing a free course and then writing a review or ask a relevant question about it on the relevant SCN cover document (SAP Learning Hub Explorer: 10 points). More details how to learn & earn can be found in this blog. Please note that you can provide feedback only on the full courses contained which are hyperlinked below. The partial courses are not the complete e-learning course but only parts of it and for those courses feedback cannot be submitted.


Access GrantedSAP Solution AreaCourse CodeCourse Title and link to cover page  if availableCourse Level
FullApplicationSAP129SAP NavigationOverview
PartialBankingFS251EAccounting for Financial Instruments 8.0Detailed
PartialBankingFS253EBank Analyser Infrastructure 8.0Consultant Academy
FullBankingFS250EBank analyser overview 8.0Overview
FullBankingOBS80OKP Banking Services from SAP 8.0Delta Knowledge
PartialBankingFS242EDeposit management in banking 8.0Detailed
FullBankingOCYT80OKP SAP Capital Yield Tax Management for Banking 8.0Delta Knowledge
PartialBankingFS241ELoan management in banking 8.0Detailed
PartialBankingFS252ERisk Management 8.0Detailed
PartialBankingFS240EShared processes in transactional banking 8.0Detailed
FullBusinessObjectsBOC325Crystal Reports: Business Reporting & Report Processing StrategiesOverview
PartialBusinessObjectsBOC315Crystal Reports: Fundamentals of Report DesignDetailed
PartialBusinessObjectsBOX315Dashboards: Core and ConnectivityDetailed
FullBusinessObjectsODS10OKP SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.0Delta Knowledge
Full: VideoBusinessObjectsC_BOBIP_40SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0Certification
PartialBusinessObjects - AdministrationBOE325Business Intelligence Platform: Administering Servers (Windows)Detailed
PartialBusinessObjects:  AdministrationBOE315SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 – Administration and SecurityDetailed
PartialBusinessObjects: BI SolutionsBOW315SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence – Report Design IDetailed
PartialBusinessObjects: BI SolutionsBOW325Web Intelligence: Report Design IIDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyBusinessObjects: BI SolutionsBOE330SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform: Designing and Deploying a SolutionDetailed
PartialBusinessObjects: EPMBPC43ESAP Business Planning and Consolidation:Reporting and PlanningDetailed
FullBusinessObjects: IM SolutionsODS41OKP SAP Data Services 4.1Delta Knowledge
PartialBusinessObjects: IM SolutionsBODS15SAP BusinessObjects Data Integration 4.0Detailed
Full: VideoCloudTZCLD1Cloud Management & Virtualization for SAP Solutions (video)Certification
PartialCustomer Relationship ManagementCR100ECRM Customizing FundamentalsDetailed
FullCustomer Relationship ManagementOMASALOKP SAP Mobile Apps for SalesDelta Knowledge
FullCustomer Relationship ManagementSAPCREOverview of the SAP CRM SolutionOverview
Partial: Flipbook onlyECCADM328SAP ECC Update/UpgradeDetailed
Full: VideoEnterprise MobilityC_SMPNHB_23SAP Certified Development Associate - SMP Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Developer (SMP 2.3)Certification
PartialERPTERP1EIntegration of Business Processes in SAP ERP (Units 2-3)Foundation
PartialERPSAP01ESAP ERP OverviewOverview
FullERPOMDG61OKP SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) 6.1Delta Knowledge
FullERPTERP01SAP ERP Business Process Basics and NavigationOverview
Partial: Flipbook onlyERP: AnalyticsCA700Financial ReportingFoundation
FullERP: Corporate & Support FunctionsPL200EBusiness Processes in Project ManagementFoundation
PartialERP: FinancialsAC200EAccounting Customizing Fundamentals - G/L, AP, ARDetailed
PartialERP: FinancialsAC201EAccounting Customizing IDetailed
PartialERP: FinancialsAC010EBusiness Processes in Financial AccountingDetailed
PartialERP: FinancialsAC040EBusiness Processes in Management AccountingDetailed
FullERP: FinancialsOFCC10OKP SAP Financial Closing Cockpit 1.0Delta Knowledge
FullERP: FinancialsOMAFIOKP SAP Mobile Apps for FinanceDelta Knowledge
FullERP: FinancialsSAPFIEOverview of SAP ERP FinancialsOverview
FullERP: FinancialsTERP22Business Processes in Management AccountingFoundation
Partial: Flipbook onlyERP: FinancialsAC200Accounting Customizing Fundamentals: General Ledger, AccountsDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyERP: FinancialsAC202Accounting Customizing II: Special G/L Transactions, Document Parking,Detailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyERP: FinancialsAC205Financial ClosingDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyERP: FinancialsAC305Asset AccountingDetailed
Full: VideoERP: FinancialsC_TFIN52_66SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with ERP 6.0 EhP6Certification
PartialERP: Human Capital ManagementHR110EBusiness Processes in HCM PayrollFoundation
PartialERP: Human Capital ManagementHR050EBusiness Processes in SAP Human Capital ManagementFoundation
FullERP: Human Capital ManagementSAPHRESAP Human Capital Management OverviewOverview
PartialERP: ManufacturingSC300EBusiness Processes in Manufacturing (SAP ERP)Foundation
PartialERP: ManufacturingPL300EBusiness Processes in Plant MaintenanceFoundation
PartialERP: ManufacturingSC130ESAP ERP Planning & Manufacturing OverviewOverview
FullERP: ManufacturingOME61OKP SAP Manufacturing Execution 6.1Delta Knowledge
FullERP: ManufacturingTERP53Business Processes in SAP Enterprise Asset ManagementFoundation
FullERP: ProcurementOMAPROOKP SAP Mobile Apps for ProcurementDelta Knowledge
PartialERP: Procurement & Logistics ExecutionSC510EInventory Management and Physical InventoryDetailed
FullERP: Procurement & Logistics ExecutionOEWM90OKP SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.0Delta Knowledge
PartialERP: Procurement & Logistics ExecutionSC601EProcesses in Logistics ExecutionDetailed
PartialERP: Procurement & Logistics ExecutionSC500EProcesses in ProcurementFoundation
PartialERP: Procurement & Logistics ExecutionSC520EPurchasingDetailed
PartialERP: Sales Order ManagementSC615EBilling in SAP ERPDetailed
PartialERP: Sales Order ManagementSC600ESales Order Management for ServicesFoundation
FullHANAOFRM10OKP SAP Fraud Management 1.1, Powered by SAP HANADelta Knowledge
PartialHANAHA300ESAP HANA - Implementation & ModelingDetailed
PartialHANAHA100ESAP HANA - IntroductionOverview
FullHANAOSOP20OKP SAP Sales and Operations Planning 2.0 Powered by SAP HANADelta Knowledge
Partial: Flipbook onlyHANAHA350SAP HANA - Data ProvisioningDetailed
Full: VideoHANAC_HANAIMP131SAP Certified Application Associate (Edition 2013) – SAP HANACertification

SAP Certified Application Professional (Edition 2013) - SAP HANA

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FullNetWeaverNW001SAP NetWeaver - OverviewOverview
Partial: Flipbook onlyNetWeaverEP200SAP NetWeaver Portal - System AdministrationDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyNetWeaverTAW10ABAP Workbench FundamentalsConsultant Academy
Partial: Flipbook onlyNetWeaverTAW12ABAP Workbench ConceptsConsultant Academy
Full: VideoNetWeaverC_TAW12_731SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.31Certification
FullNW: AdministrationSAPTEESAP NetWeaver Application Server – FundamentalsFoundation
Partial: Flipbook onlyNW: AdministrationADM100AS ABAP - AdministrationDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyNW: AdministrationADM103AS ABAP –   Advanced AdministrationDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyNW: AdministrationADM800AS Java - AdministrationDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyNW: AdministrationADM325AS ABAP – Software LogisticsDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlyNW: AdministrationADM540Database Administration SAP Sybase ASE (for SAP Systems)Detailed
FullNW: Business IntelligenceSAPBIEIntroduction to SAP BusinessObjects BI SolutionDetailed
FullNW: PortalSAPEPESAP NetWeaver Portal - FundamentalsOverview
FullNW: Programming - ABAPBC410EProgramming User Dialogs with Classical Screens (Dynpros)Detailed
FullNW: Programming - ABAPBC430EABAP DictionaryDetailed
PartialNW: Programming - ABAPBC425eABAP Enhancement & ModificationFoundation
PartialNW: Programming - ABAPBC401EABAP ObjectsDetailed
PartialNW: Programming - ABAPBC400EABAP Workbench FoundationsDetailed
PartialNW: Programming - ABAPBC427EEnhancement FrameworkDetailed
PartialNW: Programming - ABAPNET31EFundamentals of Web Dynpro for ABAPDetailed
PartialNW: Programming - ABAPBC405EProgramming User Dialogs with Classical Screens (Dynpros)Detailed
FullNW: Programming - ABAPTAW11EABAP DetailsDetailed
PartialNW:Programming - ABAPBC402EAdvanced ABAPDetailed
PartialRetailIRT31EMaster Data in SAP for RetailFoundation
PartialRetailIRT33EPlanning, Purchasing & Merchandize DistributionDetailed
PartialRetailIRT32EPricing, Promotion and MarkdownsDetailed
PartialRetailSAPIRESAP for Retail OverviewOverview
FullRetailORET10OKP SAP Planning for Retail 1.0Delta Knowledge
FullSAP MobiliserMOB41RSAP Mobiliser 5.1 Frameworks: Brand, Money, and Smartphone MobiliserDetailed
PartialSCM: PlanningSC200EBusiness Processes in Planning (SCM)Foundation
FullSolution ManagerSM001EIntroduction to SAP Solution Manager 7.1Overview
Partial: Flipbook onlySolution ManagerSM100SAP Solution Manager Configuration for OperationsDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlySolution ManagerSM200IT Service Management – ConfigurationDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlySolution ManagerE2E100Root Cause AnalysisDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlySolution ManagerE2E120Technical Monitoring in SAP Solution ManagerDetailed
FullSupplier Relationship ManagementOSLM10OKP SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management 1.0Delta Knowledge
FullSupplier Relationship ManagementSAPSREOverview of the SAP SRM solutionOverview
FullSupply Chain ManagementSAPSCEOverview of the SAP Supply Chain Management ApplicationOverview
FullSybaseOESP51OKP SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor (ESP) 5.1Delta Knowledge
FullSybaseOPD165OKP SAP Sybase PowerDesigner 16.5Delta Knowledge
PartialSybaseSUP52ESybase Unwired Platform 2.1 Mobile Application DevelopmentDetailed
FullSybaseSUP13ESAP Mobile platform for Enterprise ArchitectDetailed
PartialSybase: MobilitySUP62ESUP 2.1 AdministrationDetailed
Partial: Flipbook onlySybase: MobilityMOB01Mobility Fundamentals and Best PracticesDetailed
FullUtilitiesOEHS30OKP SAP Component Extension 3.0 for SAP EHS ManagementDelta Knowledge

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