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How to communicate Architecture – Technical Architecture Modeling at SAP

Pietro Menna - The intent of this article is to present details about Entity/ Relationship diagrams using TAM. TAM Class Diagrams are used to describe the static structure of the system entities and their relationships.February 2015

SAP Architecture Focus - September 2014

Andy Silvey welcomes you to the September edition of the SCN's SAP Architecture Focus blogazine.September 2014 SAP Middleware news – the newest addition to the SCN newsletters' family

We invite you to subscribe for the brand new SAP Middleware news @ SCN monthly. You can load the simple reg form using your existing SAP login if you wish. Read more in this blog by Mariana Mihaylova and subscribe today to get your April news shortly. April 2014

The New SCN Category SAP Kernel

This SCN category is dedicated to information about SAP Kernel as the basis for the SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP. Check it out to share your experience or follow the news regarding SAP Kernel development, release and maintenance strategy and SP stack kernel delivery. April 2014 NetWeaver 7.4 SP 5

SAP NetWeaver 7.4 is the foundation and integration platform for the SAP Business Suite. SAP NetWeaver 7.4 is heavily optimized for SAP HANA. With SP5 all usage types are fully supported without restriction. Presentation by Karl Kessler. Additional information is available in SAP NetWeaver 7.4 - Optimized for SAP HANA, Cloud and Mobile by Monika Kaiser. March 2014

IFG Survey: Central PI Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager

Monitoring is a key challenge according to the global 2013 PI survey. To gain a better understanding of the situation and requirements, the IFG for PI and SAP have launched a follow-up survey with focus on central PI monitoring with SAP Solution Manager. Read all details in Holger Himmelmann’s blog and feel free to participate and share with others. Jan 2014

SCN's most interesting blogs for SAP Architects

As we all know SCN now has a Category for NetWeaver Architecture, a container for everything NetWeaver Architecture related. Searching around 2000 Blogs, Andy Silvey picked a list of 36 blogs that are most important for SAP Architects. This blog will become a monthly delivery, of a selection of the previous months most interesting SCN blogs for SAP Architects. Nov 2013 How to communicate Architecture – Technical Architecture Modeling at SAP

This blog post from Pietro Menna continues the previous posts from Bernhard Groene in part1 and part2, giving an overview and introduction to TAM block diagrams. This article gives details about how to describe behavior using TAM. Nov 2013

The New SCN SAP NetWeaver Architecture Category - An Introduction

Andy Silvey has fulfilled one of his small personal goals and contributed to the realization of a new Category on the SCN, for everything

NetWeaver Architecture and concerning SAP NetWeaver Architects. The new Category can be found here, SAP NetWeaver Architecture Category On the SAP SCN. Oct 2013



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