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SAP Certified Appliance Hardware for SAP HANA

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The listing of SAP HANA certified hardware has been moved to => Our partners => Find SAP Partner apps and hardware => SAP Partner hardware certified for SAP HANA

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     The new SAP HANA Hardware Directory contains all Certified Appliances beginning with Ivy Bridge technology onward, and also includes previously validated hardware based on Nehalem and Westmere technology, which is reflected in PAM, certified Enterprise Storage solutions and supported (not certified) Entry Level Systems to operate SAP HANA.


     Details in are as provided by the partners and known at certification date. Can be subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time without notice. It is not intended to be binding upon SAP to any particular course of business, product strategy and/or development. Potential typos or errors in the listings do not result in the right to get support for a particular configuration.


The certification is valid for the stipulated time-period as mentioned in the Integration Certification Agreement. The exact validity date is mentioned on the certificate letter that is issued upon successful completion of the testing.

Certified Appliances details

The certification is valid for a particular group of appliances of the manufacturer hardware wherein multiple models might be included. The group of appliances can be defined as a set of appliance models that share and fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • They are based on the same architecture
  • Within one group of certified appliances different CPU models within the same microarchitecture can be used as released by SAP HANA reference architecture:
    • Nehalem EX architecture: Intel X7560
    • Westmere EX architecture: Intel E7-#870 (# is for 2,4, or 8)
    • Ivy Bridge EX architecture: Intel E7-#880v2, E7-#890v2 (# is for 2,4, or 8)
    • Haswell EX architecture: Intel  E7-8880v3, E7-8890v3, or E7-8880Lv3
  • Empty CPU slots may be filled up to the maximum number supported by the appliance
  • Memory chips have to be homogeneous, spread across all CPUs symmetrically and providing maximum bandwidth
  • They have the same disk layout
  • They use the same storage connector(s) and/or RAID controller as described in the documentation
  • Comparable components are used as with the tested setup
  • All the KPIs are met by the lowest member of the group of appliances
  • Consistent documentation for the group of appliances which is applicable for all SAP HANA setup scenarios: single node, scale up and scale out.
  • Single node group includes hardware approved for all single server configurations (BW, SoH and more) scenarios for SAP HANA
  • Scale out group includes multi server configurations for SAP BW powered by SAP HANA
  • SoH group includes single server configurations specific for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA

During the preparation phase of the certification Partner and SAP can jointly agree on the group of appliances.


Entry Level Systems details

Approved and supported solutions to be used with SAP HANA scenarios. No SAP HANA hardware certification applies.

  • Intel Xeon E5 v2/v3 based systems
  • 2-socket systems
  • CPU with minimum of 8 cores
  • Memory chips have to be homogeneous, spread across all CPUs symmetrically and providing maximum bandwidth.
  • Single node solutions
  • Valid for particular SPS releases


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