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Lumira Cloud at Inside Track Vancouver

Yesterday I wrote this Cloud Analytics – Power of BI with Simplicity of Cloud Part 1 Inside Track Vancouver  and I wanted to follow up with the Lumira Cloud side presented by Christina Obry


Figure 1: Source: SAP


Lumira Cloud runs on HCP


Lumira Server deploys on HANA directly (native HANA security, authentication)


Separately, from Twitter just now (real-time news) regarding HEC - HANA Enterprise Cloud:


Demo of Lumira Cloud

Christina started showing Lumira Desktop 1.15, using an air flights dataset when flights were canceled


She combined with weather data to see if flight delays based on weather



Figure 2: Source: SAP


Figure 2 shows the top 5 airports with cancellations.  For those living in Chicago, it's no surprise that O'Hare has the most cancellations.




Figure 3: Source: SAP


Figure 3 shows a stacked column chart showing how weather has impacted the flight delays.  It is no surprise that snow is the main reason for delays in Chicago.


Figure 4: Source: SAP


Figure 4 shows which airport is most impacted by Chicago flight delays.  The Atlanta airport, LaGuardia, and Washington DC's Reagan airport are most impacted by these delays.  (I am sure I have experienced this myself between Chicago and DC).


Figure 5: Source: SAP


Figure 5 shows a dual axis chart comparing flight delays with temperatures.


Most cancellations are when the temp is the lowest.


Christina also created a storyboard but said the value of the storyboard is sharing it.


Figure 6: Source: SAP


For me this part of the demo was the new part - sharing with a "team".


Christina said anyone you share with needs a Lumira Cloud account.


In the future they will look at public sharing


Question & Answer:

Q: Question was about HANA Online

A: For HANA Online not import the data – limited on data manipulation


Q: What about Lumira for Mac?

A: This is only for Windows


Q: What about connecting with BW?

A: no Native BICS – can connect in universe

Looking at more direct BW connections this year




There are more Lumira sessions at BI 2014 this month.


Also Lumira is part of the ASUG pre-conference sessions in June in Orlando - see Jump Start ASUG Annual Conference SAPPHIRE with a Pre-Conference Session - Back and Better than Ever


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