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Governance, Risk and Compliance SAP Solution Extensions

Following are the Solution Extensions from SAP covering the GRC domain.


SAP Regulation Management by Greenlight, cyber governance edition provides visibility into business risk based on cyber threats by managing security compliance regulations and mapping them to controls. This transparency allows organizations to better assess, manage, and respond to cyber security events and requirements that pose risks to their business.


Business objectives:
• Create cyber-security knowledge among business leaders

• Identify cyber-security gaps to avoid breaches

• Achieve good visibility into security controls performance


System features:

• Aligns with best practices and industry regulations

• Proactively identifies and addresses gaps in meeting evolving security requirements with continuous exception monitoring

• Automates the intake and change management of cybersecurity mandates and IT controls

• Correlates IT controls to cybersecurity policies and requirements

• Analyzes cyber threats, insider risks, data breaches, and control exceptions in a business context

• Integrates with perimeter security, vulnerability management, and SIEM as well as business applications and enterprise systems

• Automates testing of IT general controls

• Enables insider threat management and policy-based detection


Business and IT benefits:

• Cybersecurity policies and standards centralized

• Gaps in security controls identified and addressed

• Technical data from disparate systems correlated to cybersecurity controls

• Security issues linked with business impact

• Integrated with existing technology to leverage investments



SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight  enables you to assess the financial exposure business processes and transactions have on the organization. With exception-based access violation monitoring and centralized and standardized processes, you can automate violation identification and review, streamline access-risk processes, and cut governance costs.

Business objectives:

  • Enable centralized and standardized processes across business applications and IT systems
  • Automate identification and review of actual access violation
  • Summarize the financial dollar impact of actual violations

System features:


  • Summarization of the financial dollar value of access violations
  • Alerts for business owners only when exceptions occur
  • Comprehensive library of automated SoD controls
  • Intuitive interface designed for business users
  • Extension of the functionality of the SAP Access Control application

Business and IT benefits:

  • Gain a clear understanding of cost of access violations and impact on the organization
  • Reduce manual control efforts and eliminate false positives
  • Centrally track investigation and resolution of access violations
  • Give business users ownership of remediation activities



SAP Regulation Management by Greenlight enables organizations to confidently assess and respond to regulatory changes, accelerate compliance with new and changing regulatory mandates, and expand controls automation across different domains.

Business objectives:

  • Establish accountability and unify regulatory requirements across key stakeholders
  • Align regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operations
  • Automate execution and testing of controls across enterprise systems

System features:

  • Provides a single authoritative source for regulatory alerts and requirement intake
  • Supports an interactive regulation-to-control(s) mapping process
  • Enforces version control and delta change management
  • Identifies compliance gaps in meeting new or changed regulatory requirements
  • Prioritizes business and IT impact
  • Integrates with SAP Access Control and SAP Process Control for centralized access governance and extended controls automation

Business and IT benefits:

  • Centrally manage and report on regulatory and compliance requirements across the organization
  • Standardize and rationalize regulatory requirements
  • Reduce cost and risk associated with regulatory control redundancy
  • Enable end-to-end regulatory compliance process auditability
  • Gain visibility into compliance with regulatory mandates, and the financial impact associated with access violations, through dashboards and report


SAP Dynamic Authorization Management by NextLabs provides secure access to sensitive data across business networks, whether that data is attached to a transaction or a business communication. The software enables employees and external partners to share critical information, encouraging collaboration and co-innovation, and boosting productivity. It helps streamline data-access processes and compliance with regulations for access control.

  Business objectives:

  • Control and secure access to critical enterprise data
  • Enable the global sharing of information necessary for designing
    best-in-class products
  • Safeguard vital corporate intellectual property while meeting regulatory


   System features:

  • Sophisticated access-control functionality based on attributes such as nationality location, and device
  • Centralized management of access-control policies with intuitive graphical interfaces
  • Automated tagging of sensitive enterprise data
  • Compliance reporting on access to critical enterprise data in SAP


   Business and IT benefits:

  • Enable secure collaboration across the business network
  • Enhance compliance by enforcing data-access and sharing policies
  • Establish consistent access-control policies across SAP applications enterprise-wide
  • Simplify compliance reporting





SAP Technical Data Export Compliance by NextLabs enables you to automate compliance-management tasks related to regulations for the export of electronic data. The solution helps you enforce robust authorization policies to minimize the risk of export-license violations. Meanwhile, automated processes and a centralized platform help you streamline your approach to compliance management – and reduce the costs.

Business objectives:
• Actively enforce controls for the export of sensitive data
• Enable productive collaboration across the business network
• Demonstrate compliance with data export regulations

System features:
• Automation of compliance-management processes
• Advanced auditing tools
• Support for end-to-end compliance-management processes for the export and import of physical goods and technical data, when used in conjunction with the SAP Global Trade Services application

Business and IT benefits:
• Streamline compliance-management processes across the organization
• Minimize the risk of fines and other penalties resulting from noncompliance
• Cut compliance costs associated with regulations for data export


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