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Does SAP offer training for HANA?

SAP launched the HANA Academy with over 200 video tutorials and exercises. You can also get access there to a HANA sandbox.

SAP offers official class room training.Please visit the SAP HANA training website.

For HANA certification:

Also see an introductory blog that points to some sources as well.

There is also a great page from the Hasso Plattner Institut (HPI) that explains 'How does SAP HANA work?'.



Is HANA certification important, and if yes, how would we prepare for HANA certification?

There have been lots of discussions on the value of certification, this blog describes the options in detail and provides an outside-in view:



What should I consider as a BW consultant to become a BW on HANA consultant?

Please review the "The SAP HANA Career Guide – Part 5, SAP HANA BW Consultant":



How much Linux training does our support staff need?

Once the appliance is installed and running all the administrator needs to do is occasionally apply the Linux security patches & upgrades if required by SAP.


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