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SAP Technology Partner Virtualization

Getting Started

SAP Systems in Virtual Environments: Technology Overview  

This presentation give an overview on virtualization technology and how the management of SAP systems with Adaptive Computing can be optimized.


Virtualization in Partner Landscapes

Virtualization Support for Operating Systems, Databases, and SAP Applications   

Learn more about virtualization in a heterogeneous environment.


More on Virtualization and SAP

Virtualizing SAP Applications on Windows   

This article explains how to get started running virtualized SAP applications on Windows. It gives you information on hardware and software plus a set of recommendations for virtualized SAP systems.


Controlling Virtualized SAP Landscapes (on SAP INFO) 

Virtualization of server and storage landscapes requires an advanced monitoring environment. SAP and IBM have co-developed an SAP monitoring infrastructure using IBM Advanced POWER Virtualization as the first implementation platform. The new architecture enhances today's performance of the Computer Center Management System (CCMS).


SAP on Linux: Virtualization on commodity hardware now officially supported   

You are now able to run your SAP application on a supported virtualized Linux platform on commodity hardware using commodity virtualization technologies. But how? Hannes Kuehnemund, specialist of SAP software on the Linux platform working in SAP LinuxLab since September 2003, provides the details.


Considerations for Linux and Xen   

In this blog, Hannes Kuehnemund provides an overview of how you can install a XEN virtual machine using SLES10 SP1 or RHEL5 GA, tells you which requirements needs to be met to start an installation, and also points out which important configuration possibilities you should think about before starting the installation. 


Virtualization and SOA

Enterprise SOA provides a lot of flexibility which can be expanded exponentially with virtualization. In general, software virtualization enables software components to be quickly instantiated or relocated according to business priorities.


Resource Management in SOA Environments with Adaptive Computing Virtualization  

Combining SOA management with Adaptive Computing virtualization technology optimizes the management of large SOA Landscapes. This article outlines benefits and demonstrates a showcase how the management of SAP systems using SOA architectures can be optimized.

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