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SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC)–Integration Scenario - Interface Reference Table


The following table provides an alphabetical list of certifiable integration scenarios.


Interface ScenarioNameSolution/Certification


ABAP Add-On DeploymentPlatform Deployment
AII-DC-RFIDDevice Controller InterfaceSAP Auto ID Infrastructure
BC-ALArchiveLink Integration of Business DocumentsTechnology (Archive & Backup)
BC-BAS-DESBusiness Address Service - Duplicate Check, Error Tolerant SearchTechnology (Business Communication)
BC-BAS-PVBusiness Address Service Postal ValidationTechnology (Business Communication)
BC-BRIBackup Tools for Oracle DatabasesTechnology (Archive & Backup)
BC-BRSSplit-Mirror Disk BackupTechnology (Archive & Backup)
BC-CONFaxTechnology (Business Communication)
BC-CTIComputer Telephony Integration (SAPphone)Technology (Business Communication)
BC-eCATTTest Tool Integration for SAP eCATTTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
BC-HCSHTTP Content ServerTechnology (Archive & Backup)
BC-ILMWebDAV Storage Interface for the ILM Solution from SAPTechnology (Archive & Backup)
BC-ITS-VOICEDynpro application mobile device speechNet Weaver
BC-PAGPaging InterfaceTechnology (Business Communication)
BC-PRN-DTSAP NetWeaver – Printer Device TypesTechnology
BC-RDIForm Printing SAPscriptTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
BC-SDBBackup Tools for SAP DatabasesTechnology (Archive & Backup)
BC-SMTPSMTP Communication for Fax and SMSTechnology (Business Communication)
BC-SNCNetwork SecurityTechnology (Security)
BC-SSFSecure Store & Forward and Digital SignaturesTechnology (Security)
BC-TEST GUIFunctional Testing Tool Integration with SAP GUI for MS Windows 6.40Background Processing, Output Management and Test Tools
BC-XALExternal Interface for Alert ManagementTechnology (Alerts & Monitoring)
BC-XBPJob SchedulingTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
BC-XDCExternal Document ConverterTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
BC-XFPXML Output for PDF-based FormsTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
BC-XMWWrite Interface-CCMS Monitoring ArchitectureTechnology (Alerts & Monitoring)
BC-XOMOutput ManagementTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
BC-XSFForm Printing SAP Smart FormsTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
BO-CNT 3.0Analytics Content Package for SAP BusienssObjectsBusiness Objects
BO-DS-DSSAP BusinessObjects Datastore for DatasourceSAP Business Objects Datastore
BO-DS-WIThird Party Data Source for SAP BusinessObjects Web IntelligenceBusiness Objects Integration
BO-XC-SDKThird party Add-on for XcelsiusBusiness Objects Integration
BO-XIBusinessObject XI Add-onBusiness Objects Integration
BW-CNTBusiness Information Warehouse Third-Party ContentBusiness intelligence
BW-DMIData Mining InterfaceBusiness intelligence
BW-OBIOLAP BAPIsBusiness intelligence
BW-ODBReporting for OLAPBusiness intelligence
BW-OHSOpen Hub ServiceBusiness intelligence
BW-SCHJob SchedulingBusiness intelligence
BW-STAData StagingBusiness intelligence
BW-UDC-JDBCUniversal Data Connect JDBCBusiness intelligence
BW-XMLAXML for AnalysisBusiness intelligence

ByD-based-ADDON and ByD-based-INTEG

SAP ByDesign based Add-On and Integrated Solutions

SAP Business ByDesign based solutions
B1-SDKSAP Business One - SAP Business One Add-on Solution CertificationSAP Business One
B1 Cloud 1.0SAP BUSINESS One Cloud CertificationSAP Business One Cloud
B1-HANASAP Business One Add-On Solution Certification for SAP HANASAP Business One for SAP HANA
B2B-OCISAP Enterprise Buyer Professional Open Catalog InterfaceSupplier Relationship Management
B2B-OPISAP Enterprise Buyer Professional Open Partner InterfaceSupplier Relationship Management
CA-ALEALE ConvertersTechnology (Messaging)
CA-AMSALE Message HandlingTechnology (Messaging)
CA-EDIEDI SubsystemsTechnology (Messaging)
CA-ICI-CTIIntegrated Communication Interface CTICustomer Relationship Management
CA-ICI-MailIntegrated Communication Interface MailCustomer Relationship Management
CA-ICI-ChatIntegrated Communication Interface ChatCustomer Relationship Management
CA-PCIPayment Card InterfaceFinancials
CA-PLMCross Application Product Life-Cycle ManagementProduct life-cycle management
CA-XMLXML Communication InterfaceTechnology (XML-Communication)
CO-ABCActivity-Based Costing InterfaceFinancials
EH&S-OCCEnvironment, Health and Safety - Open Content ConnectorProduct life-cycle management
EP-BPEnterprise Portal Business PackageEnterprise Portal
EP-EWP-BCSAP NetWeaver PortalEnterprises Workspaces
ESOA-BUNDLEEnterprise Services BundlesService-Oriented Architecture
FI-EDIFinancial EDI InterfaceFinancials
FI-SBSElectronic BankingFinancials
FI-TDF-BRIntegration to SAP Tax Declaration Framework for BrazilTax Management for Brazil
FI-TMCTravel Management Credit Card ClearingFinancials
FIORI-APP-TASAP Fiori Transactional Apps CertificationTechnology (Fiori Apps)
GRC-AC-IDMBusiness Objects Access Control Interface for Identity ManagementBusiness Objects
HANA-APPThird-party applications  on SAP HANASAP HANA Platform
HANA-BI-MDXThird-Party MDX-based BI Client Tools for SAP HANA CertificationSAP HANA Platform
HANA-BI-SQLThird-Party BI Client Tools Connected to SAP HANA ODBC via SQL CertificationSAP HANA Platform
HANA-BRINTHANA Backint InterfaceBackup/recovery API for the SAP HANA database (Backint for SAP HANA (HANA-BRINT 1.1))
HANACLOUD - JAVA 1.0Java Cloud DeploymentPlatform Deployment
HANA-HWC-ESSAP HANA Hardware Certification Enterprise StorageSAP HANA Platform
HCI-PI-CNTSAP HANA Cloud Integration – Process Integration
HR-OCIOrganizational Charting InterfaceHuman Resources
HR-PDCPlant Data Collection - Time & Attendance and Employee ExpendituresHuman Resources
HYBRIS-EXThybris Commerce Suite 5 Extension CertificationHybris
IS-ADPAdditionals PrintingIndustry (Retail)
IS-ITAIntegration of Technical Advertisement SystemsIndustry Solutions (Media)
IS-PDCPortable Data CaptureIndustry (Retail)
IS-POSPoint of SaleIndustry (Retail)
IS-SPMShelf Space ManagementIndustry (Retail)
IS-TASTerminal Automation System InterfaceIndustry (Oil & Gas)
IS-T-EBCIntegration of External Billing SystemsIndustry (Telecommunication)
IS-TPSTransportation Planning SystemIndustry (Oil & Gas)
IS-U-WMWork Management InterfacesIndustry (Utilities)
IW-DUET-CNT 1.0Duet Enterprise ContentDuet Enterprise
J2EE-DEP and J2EE-STDDeployment on SAP Web NetWeaver Application Server J2EE EnginePlatform Deployment
JAVA-EE-NWDeployment on 64 Bit SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 / 7.3Application Server JavaTM EE 5 EditionPlatform Deployment
JAVA-EE-NWDeployment on 64 Bit SAP NetWeaver CE 7.4 Application Server JavaTM EEPlatform Deployment (SAP HANA)

Deployment on 64 Bit SAP NetWeaver (CE) 7.1 Application Server JavaTMEE 5 Edition

Platform Deployment
JAVA-JXBP Java External Interface for Job Background ProcessingTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
KM-REPAP KM - Repository Framework InterfaceSAP Enterprise Portal
LE-FRUFreight Rate UploadSupply chain management
LE-IDWDecentralized Warehouse Management System IntegrationSupply chain management
LE-XSIExpress Ship InterfaceSupply chain management
LS-CNTSAP Learning Solution LSO 200, Content Integration CertificationHuman resources
LS-ELSExternal Learning ServicesHuman resources
NETWK-AVAIL 2.0Network Reliability and AvailabilityTechnology
NETWK-PERF 2.0Network Performance OptimizationTechnology
NETWK-SECUR 2.0Network SecurityTechnology
NETWK-TOOLS 2.0Network ToolsTechnology
NW-BW-NLSNearline Storage for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

Business Warehouse

NW-CA-CTBSAP NetWeaver Composite (Composition Tools Based)Packaged Composite Applications
NW-CA-MFGSAP NetWeaver Composite (Manufacturing)Packaged Composite Applications
NW-ESR-CNTEnterprise Services Repository Content CertificationTechnnology


SAP Gateway Integration

Technology (Gateway End-to-End)


SAP Application Server High Availability Interface CertificationTechnology (High Availability)
NW-MDM-CNTSAP NetWeaver Master Data Management Content CertificationSAP NetWeaver Master Data Management
NW-MDM-EASAP NetWeaver Master Data Management - Enrichment AdapterSAP NetWeaver Master Data Management
NW-MOB-DCCISAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 - Custom Client InterfaceSAP NetWeaver Mobile
NW-MOB-DEVSAP NetWeaver Mobile Device CertificationSAP NetWeaver Mobile
NW-MOB-WDMobile Web Dynpro OnlineSAP NetWeaver Mobile
NW-VSIVirus-Scan InterfaceTechnology (Security)
NW-XI-AFExchange Infrastructure - Process Integration Adapter FrameworkProcess Integration
NW-XI-CNTExchange Infrastructure - Process Integration ContentProcess Integration
PA-ER-RPSAP E-Recruiting Resume Parsing 603 (PA-ER-RP)E-Recruting
PI-PCSProcess Control SystemsSupply chain management
PM-PCSPlant Maintenance - Process Control SystemProduct life-cycle management
POS-HWPoint-of-Sale/HardwareHardware certification
PP-PDCPlant Data Collection - R/3 Shop Floor ControlSupply chain management
PS-EPSProject SystemsProduct life-cycle management
QM-IDIQuality InspectionsProduct life-cycle management
QM-STIStatistical Data InterfaceProduct life-cycle management
SD-TPSTransportation OptimizationSupply Chain Management
SMG-SDISAP Solution Manager - Service Desk InterfaceSolutionManager
SM-SE 7.1 SP5 Solution Manager Scheduling EnablerTechnology (Background Processing and Output Management)
SM-TSTRTest Tool Integration into SAP Solution ManagerTest Tools
SMP-MASAP Mobile Platform – Mobile APPMobile APP
TAX-US-R/3Sales and Use TaxFinancials
TR-TMTreasury ManagementFinancials
WM-LSRWarehouse Control SystemsSupply chain management



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