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SAP on Oracle - Security

Here you can find information on database security for the Oracle database running SAP systems. General information on Oracle security as well as information related to specific Oracle security products such as Advanced Security Option (ASO) is included here.


High Security for SAP Data with Oracle Database Vault and Transparent Data Encryption   

This paper from the German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) discusses security issues affecting Oracle databases in an SAP environment, including Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Data Vault (DV).


Oracle Database Vault for SAP  

This presentation from Oracle World 2008 gives an overview of Oracle Database Vault, including SAP certification, best practices, and performance.


Oracle Transparent Data Encryption  

This paper from the German Oracle Users Conference (DOAG) discusses transparent data encryption for Oracle databases.


Critical Patch Updates   

This paper gives you an overview of the quarterly Oracle critical patch updates (CPUs), which are available from SAP.


Oracle Advanced Security Option with SAP   

This paper looks at the installation, configuration,and implementation of Oracle Advanced Security Option (ASO) with SAP systems.


Database Security for Oracle  

A thorough security plan at your site must include securing application databases. This SAP whitepaper explains how best to secure SAP applications running on Oracle. Specifically, you'll learn about securing the OPS$ mechanism and securing DBA tools for Oracle including RMAN, BRBACKUP, and BRRECOVER.

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