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High Availability

Achieving High Availability for SAP Solutions

To gain competitive advantage, you need to think collaborative business. This means integrating existing heterogeneous system landscapes to include business partners, customers, and suppliers. 

Today the trend is toward open system architectures in which end-to-end business processes combine Web services running on multiple distributed application components. Such environments demand high availability not only for single components, but also for entire scenarios.


SAP has worked with its partners to develop a range of high availability solutions, already in use by many customers. Our documentation guides you through the challenging area of high availability and shows where you can best direct your effort and expenditure.


The solutions you choose - very likely some of them third-party - vary according to your system landscape. Be sure to discuss your plans with your SAP consultant and hardware partner before implementation. Refer also to the SAP NetWeaver Application Server.



Getting Started

Summary about High Availability with SAP 

Short Blog about High Availability capabilities with SAP NetWeaver.


High Availability for SAP Solutions 

White Paper


Achieve High Availability in Your Current SAP Landscape   

Introductory SAP Insider article by Dr. Franz-Josef Fritz about general implications of High Availability in SAP systems.


High Availability FAQ 

Frequently Asked Questions about SAP NetWeaver Application Server High Availability including setup, Windows environment, and Unix environment.


Setup and Architecture

Installation Guides   (SMP login required)

For Netweaver 7.1 large parts of the planning documentation have been transfered to the Installation Guides. Please see the appropriate guide for your usage type.


High Availability and Failover (SAP Library - Architecture Manual)   (SAP Help Portal)

SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2

SAP High Availability   (SAP Help Portal)


SAP NetWeaver 7.1 (PI and CE)

High Availability   (SAP Help Portal)

This is the full High Availability documentation for 7.1 in SAP library.


SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Usage Type PI

Technical Infrastructure Guide - SAP NetWeaver™ PI 7.1 


SAP NetWeaver 7.0

High Availability Documentation for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s)   (SAP Help Portal)


Installation Guides   (SMP login required)

Since release 7.0, installation guides contain specific information for installation of high availability systems. This became evidently necessary with the introduction of the standalone SCS (Server Central Services) Instance.


SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP1 Usage Type PI

High Availability (SAP Library - Configuration of Usage Type Process Integration (PI))   (SAP Help Portal)


SAP NetWeaver 2004

High Availability Documentation for SAP NetWeaver 2004   (SAP Help Portal)


SAP Web Application Server in Switchover Environments   Technology Handbook Release 6.40

This is the old Technology Handbook that used to be the description of how High Availability is achieved. Still valid for version 6.40.


Using Microsoft MSCS

Multiple SAP Systems on Windows Server 2008 Failover Clusters 

The new Microsoft operating system Windows Server 2008 with its Failover Clustering feature lets you use multiple sapmnt file shares. This makes the installation of multiple clustered SAP systems in one failover cluster much easier than on Windows Server 2003. This article provides a short overview of this feature with multiple sapmnt file shares


Additional Information

High Availability Partner Information   

Here we provide links to partner-related information about complementary high availability solutions.

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