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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ document is intended for SAP customers and for printer manufacturers who plan to join the program. If your company is already participating in the SAP Printer Vendor program, please read SAP Notes 1331008 , 1331512 and 1331614 .

SAP Customers


Is it possible to know whether the printer I purchased is supported by SAP?

You can find the list of supported printers in the device type wizard. See SAP Note 1036961 for details.


If my printer is not visible in the device type selection wizard, what is the next step?

Please check SAP Note 1103826 for the solution.


I need information about support from printer vendor X. where can I find it?

Printer support is listed in the Printer Vendor Wizard Notes. Please check SAP Note 1097990 for a complete list.


Is it possible to know the printer/device type pair I use is tested or certified by SAP?

SAP tested device types is available in SAP online directory device types developed under PVP is NOT automatically considered as certified and tested by SAP.


Printer Vendors


Where can I find the detailed information about SAP Printer Vendor program?

You can find the information in the SAP Printing team website. Here, we have a section exclusively for the SAP Printer Vendor program. . You can download an overview presentation and an overview document which lists the printer manufacturers which have already become PVP members.


What is the procedure followed to join the SAP Printer Vendor program?

Please send an e-mail to and ask for participation in the program.


I would like to develop device type X for usage with SAP. Where can I do it?

Please join the SAP Printer Vendor program. As a member of this program, you will get access to printer development environment and the test suite at hand it is possible for participants of the program to evaluate the result of the device type development themselves. Once the printer model/device type combination has evaluated successfully, it will be added to the device type wizard tool. Afterwards your printer becomes visible in the SAP system.


Where can I certify my device type X for usage with SAP ?

Once the device types developed successfully under printer vendor program, you can reach SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) team for getting certified. With device type certification, SAP ICC will test your device types and certify the same. For certification, you would need to sign an agreement and under single agreement maximum of 5 device types can be certified and the pricing for one certification would be 10000 Euros. On successful completion of certification, your device types will be listed on our online directory which will increase the accessibility and visibility to SAP customer and you will also receive SAP Certified logo.  Please send an email to and ask for more device type certification details.


I would like to certify my printer X for usage with SAP. Where can I certify my printer?

We do not do certifications for single printers.


What is the device type wizard?

The device type wizard supports customer in creating an output device in the SAP system. The wizard shows all supported printer model/ device type combinations. For details see SAP Note 1036961 .


I would like to certify my portable printer for usage in SAP NW Mobile scenarios. How do I proceed?

Note that certification of mobile printers used in SAP NetWeaver Mobile is not within the scope of the SAP Printer Vendor program. Certification of drivers for the Windows Mobile operating system is done by the corresponding department at SAP together with the company Abaco. For further information, please contact Stefan Wawrzinek ( ).

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