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FAQ - BI Integrated Planning


What is the focus of the following FAQs?

These FAQs focus on business planning and its further evolution. They are meant to clarify questions that arise in the context of BI Integrated Planning.

Before you read this document, see the "Business Planning with SAP NetWeaver BI"  presentation for details about the scope of planning capabilities that will be provided with SAP NetWeaver 7.0.


What is SAP's strategy for planning and budgeting?

SAP offers an integrated business platform through the mySAP Business Suite, which covers all planning requirements from overall business and financial planning to supply chain planning on the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Planning and budgeting capabilities reside in different areas. As of release SAP BW 3.5, part of SAP Business Intelligence (BW-BPS) planning is available in the operational context of transactional systems such as R/3, as well as in a more strategic, analytical context within the Business Planning and Simulation component. Supply chain planning takes place in mySAP Supply Chain Management using SAP APO. The results of both business planning and supply chain planning are consolidated in SAP NetWeaver BI for performance analysis and evaluation purposes.


What are the benefits for the customers?

Tightly integrated planning and analysis from one integrated data platform.

Greater flexibility in creating custom planning applications to meet company-specific or market-specific requirements.

The use of SAP NetWeaver BI tools like the BEx Analyzer (alerting, drilldown chart tools, calculated key figures, hierarchical data entry) reduce complexity through the use of a unique release procedure and reduced number of tools and planning objects.


Ease of use: planning and analysis use the same user interfaces

Some of the other features of the planning environment for customers will include improved forecasting algorithms, enhanced process control and status monitoring, simplified, hierarchical data entry, and so on.

For more information about the benefits of SAP NetWeaver BI Integrated Planning, please see this presentation.


How does this affect SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)?

Set the FAQs for BW 3.5 for any questions regarding the correlation between SEM and BI.


Does the NetWeaver7.0 scenario “Business Planning and Analytical Services” require the usage types BI Java & EP?

Yes. The scenario requires the usage types BI Java & Portal. For a full overview of all usage types required for the scenario, see the Master Guide (link). BI Java is mandatory for all customers who want to use the new features of SAP NetWeaver 7.0. BI Java includes the EP and AS Java usage types. Exception: BI Java is not required if the customer is only using 3.5 BW-BPS based on 3.5 functions combined with the old 3.x runtime. Note: If you try to use any new SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Integrated Planning functions delivered, they will not work because the BI Java usage type is needed.


What do you have to consider concerning migration aspects?

Please refer to the related documentation.


Should a customer use BI Integrated Planning as part of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 or BW-BPS?

With SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SAP delivers BI Integrated Planning in addition to BW-BPS. BI Integrated Planning is the new planning capability which is completely integrated in the BI architecture.


That means BI Integrated Planning uses the same:

  • data storage for key figures, metadata, master data and transaction data
  • analytical engine (OLAP processor)
  • user interfaces (Business Explorer Suite) as for the reporting tasks


BI integrated planning shares the same variable and filter concept with BI, calculated key figures, exceptions, alerts and other BI elements can be used for planning tasks. In addition to being fully integrated in BI, BI Integrated Planning offers new functionalities that allow great flexibility in planning for different types of users and still ensure the integration and consistency of data as with BW-BPS. For example better Excel integration, ability of power users to create their own planning queries in the Business Explorer Suite, just to give one short example.

SAP NetWeaver product management recommends BI integrated Planning for all implementations starting with SAP NetWeaver 7.0.


Has BI Integrated Planning the same functionality as BW-BPS?

From a functionality perspective BI integrated Planning is fully covering the functionality of BW-BPS.


Are some customers live with BI Integrated Planning?

BI Integrated Planning is live at various customers globally. Many projects are currently in process.


Will BW-BPS be maintained in future releases?

While BW-BPS is still delivered and maintained with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and future releases of SAP NetWeaver it will not further be developed in functionality. New developments will only be made in BI integrated Planning.


Can a customer use both, BI Integrated Planning and BW-BPS?

BW-BPS and BI integrated Planning can coexist - even using the data of a common InfoCube.


Which retractors can be used to write plan data from the BI system back to the ERP system?

Three retractors are available: Balance Sheet Planning [UPB_RET_BASH] , Costs and Allocations [UPB_RET_COPS] , and Statistical Key Figures [UPB_RET_STKEYFIG] . Please see the documentation for more information on the usage of retractors in SAP NetWeaver 7.0.


How can the SAP NetWeaver BI Accelerator be used with BI Integrated Planning?

The BI Accelerator applies on closed requests of an InfoProvider. In this presentation (SMP login required) you can see the possibilities of integrating the BI Accelerator into BI Integrated Planning.


Do you need more information?

Please contact the BI product management team in Walldorf.

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