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SAP on IBM Power Systems running Linux

IBM PowerKVM support for SAP productive use - new !

With the successful validation of the SAP NetWeaver stack on IBM®  PowerKVM™ on December 5, 2014, PowerKVM now is supported for SAP productive use of all currently released SAP solutions for IBM Linux on Power. PowerKVM is available on selected IBM POWER8™ servers.  With this, SAP customers have the choice between IBM PowerVM and IBM PowerKVM virtualization technologies for their SAP deployments on IBM Linux on Power systems.

For details please see SAP Note 2097317. 


IBM POWER8 launched

On June 9, 2014 IBM® announced the general availability (GA) of the new generation of scale-out Power Systems featuring IBM POWER8™ processor technology. POWER8 chips offer up to twelve cores per chip and up to eight hardware threads per core (SMT-8). Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) and Transactional Memory (TE) support are only two of the many new features of POWER8. The new systems now offer a choice between enterprise grade virtualization with PowerVM® or open virtualization with PowerKVM™.

Supported distributions for running SAP on POWER8 servers are SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5 deployed on PowerVM.




SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Availability Extension certified for SAP on IBM Power Systems

The cluster solution offered by SUSE to make SAP systems highly available has been certified by SAP late in 2013. Customers seeking to implement HA for their SAP systems now have the option to select a SAP certified solution on IBM PowerLinux.

Check it out here Certified HA-Interface Partners.




SAP on PowerLinux reference architecture on SCN

Check out the new SAP on IBM PowerLinux™ Reference Architecture paper on SCN. The paper focuses on a small and efficient Enterprise Resource Planning solution based on SAP ERP, Linux™ and IBM Power® servers. It highlights the required landscape and supporting tools to create a complete and easy to maintain environment for small and medium companies.



SAP SD Benchmark on PowerLinux

On February 5th, 2013 a new SAP SD Benchmark was published for the IBM PowerLinux platform using SLES 11 and DB2. The underlying hardware was a 16-core IBM POWER7+® server. The certified result of 43800 SAPS shows the outstanding performance of SAP on Power hardware in combination with Linux.

Visit the SD Benchmark site for more information !


SAP Adaptive Computing Controller with IBM Systems Director VMControl

Presentation and sample application about the integration of SAP Adaptive Computing Controller with IBM Systems Director VMControl™ published. The materials describe the integrated solution that SAP on IBM Power teams develop in cooperation with SAP landscape management team. This solution integrates IT infrastructure view and basic virtualization management tasks available in IBM Systems Director into SAP Adaptive Computing Controller. The sample application shows how IT administrators may automatically add information about SAP systems available in the landscape into IBM Systems Director.


Whitepaper Using SAP NetWeaver "Adaptive Computing Controller for IBM Power Systems and IBM System z"

This whitepaper describes how the SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller provides a landscape view on the virtual environment and simplifies virtualization management tasks for the SAP Basis team. The solution integrates the SAP system management with system virtualization managers, namely the Hardware Management Consoles for IBM Power Systems™ and IBM System z. This integration provides a complete topology picture composed of basic monitoring and management of SAP applications, operating systems (IBM PowerLinux, AIX and IBM i) and heterogeneous hardware resources within a single application.


Single Sign on with Kerberos for SAP Application Server on POWER

This Whitepaper gives an introduction to Kerberos authentication and describes step by step how to enable Single Sign On with Secure Network Communication using Kerberos on SAP Application Servers (ABAP). The procedure is described both on Linux and AIX running on Power servers with a central Microsoft Active Directory serving as Kerberos server.
With the launch of POWER6 in 2007 IBM has introduced a new technology called IBM Live Partition Mobility (LPM). LPM allows to move active AIX and Linux partitions from one physical IBM Power Server to another compatible server without disrupting live applications running on the partitions. This feature allows continued availability of applications during activities that previously required a scheduled downtime. For example: hardware and/or firmware maintenance and upgrades, workload rebalancing or server consolidation.
The available whitepaper demonstrates a working setup for the manual migration of partitions with running SAP applications between POWER6 servers.


Redbook: SAP Applications on IBM PowerVM

IBM provides mainframe-like virtualization technologies in order to achieve better asset utilization, reduced operating costs, and faster responsiveness to changing business demands. SAP customers running an AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating system can leverage the PowerVM® technology of the IBM Power Systems platform. In this IBM Redbook, we describe the technologies and functions, what they mean, best practices and how they apply to the SAP system landscape based on an AIX environment. Many of the described functions are applicable to the other OS platforms as well. Please, use IBM platform specific literature for a detailed listing of supported PowerVM functions.


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