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Business Intelligence How-to Guides for SAP NetWeaver 2004

If you are looking for expert advice and tricks on a broad range of NetWeaver-related topics, why don't you try looking at the How-to Guides? These guides are developed by SAP NetWeaver Regional Implementation Groups (RIG) worldwide.


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Business Intelligence

How to System Copy in SAP BI System Landscapes 

This guide augments existing SAP technical documentation on the general topics relating to SAP system copies and migrations. The principles in this paper apply whether the system copy is achieved through backup, restoration, migration, copying database data files, or any similar technique. 30 April 2009


How to Integrate BEx Web Applications into BPS Web Interfaces 

Learn how to incorporate a BEx Web Application in a visible manner and how to locate it in certain areas of the Web Interface. Also explained in this guide is how BPS Variables can be linked to filter values in order to synchronize the plan and the reporting view automatically. 01 Apr 2007


How to Load a Flat File into BW-BPS Using a Web Browser 

This document describes a solution developed for BW-BPS that lets you prompt the end user for a file name (or specify it in a parameter group) and load the data directly from the file into BW-BPS. The purpose is to give the user an easy to use mechanism to load flat files using a web browser. Download attached system files (ZIP 13KB) 01 Nov 2006


How to Create Support Messages from BPS Web Interfaces 

This document describes how to create support messages with additional BPS Web Interfaces in the SAP Solution Manager. Download attached system files (ZIP 9KB) 01 Aug 2006

How to Create Efficient Multi Provider Queries 

Learn a solution that provides efficiency gains by keeping the required queries on the MultiProvider to a minimum. 01 Jul 2006


How to Dynamically Call DataSource Specific Programs in Source System User-Exits 

The code discussed in this guide is applicable only to the Master Data user-exit. However, you can use the same principle for other user-exits. 01 Jun 2006


How to Display All Comments for a Planning Package 

The solution proposed in this guide allows you display all comments associated with a planning package. The comments can either be shown as a list of titles or with the full content of the comments. Optionally, the assigned characteristic values can be displayed. Download attached system files. (ZIP 5 KB) 01 May 2006


How to Web Printing QuickStart in SAP NetWeaver '04 

This paper shows enhancements to the standard oADHOC template which is delivered in SAP NetWeaver '04. Download attached system files (ZIP 233KB) 01 May 2006

How to Change the Maximum Dialog Runtime of a Process 

Learn how to change the maximum runtime before executing a parallel change run, and then change it back after it finishes. 01 Mar 2006


How to Create Generic Data Sources Which Use the Delta Queue 

This guide describes an approach that uses Business Transaction Events (BTEs) to capture updates in a BI delta queue. 01 Feb 2006


How to Execute a Planning Sequence in Batch from Business Planning and Simulation - BPS 

Learn a method for making a planning sequence and a planning function executable by the end user by simply pressing a button in the user interface. 01 Feb 2006


How to Data Recovery in SAP BW Systems 

This step by step guide describes recovery procedures in the event of accidental deletion of data from ODS Objects or InfoCubes. Furthermore, approaches are discussed herein which handle an event in which data inconsistencies arise due to events occurring in an SAP source system. 01 Dec 2005


How to BPS Variables of Type Exit

Learn how BPS variables support different replacement types. The type exit is described in detail, with examples and stumbling stones to watch out for. 01 Aug 2005


How to Reconcile Data Between SAP Source Systems and SAP NetWeaver BI

This guide describes the possible data reconciliation scenarios and the relevant implementation steps that you can apply in your system to check whether data is consistent in the SAP source system and SAP BI. In addition, these scenarios also support you in determining the causes of data inconsistency. 01 Jun 2005


How to Integrate BEx Web Applications into SAP Solution Manager 

Learn how to integrate BEx Web Applications into SAP Solution Manager. This document also shows how support messages with contextual information can be created from BEx Web Applications for use with the SAP Solution Manager. 01 Apr 2005

How to Web Printing with Microsoft Excel 

Learn how the issues of web printing through Microsoft Excel compare to the issues of printing from web browsers and the advantages of using Microsoft Excel. Download attached system files.  01 Apr 2005


How to Implement a Virtual InfoCube with Service 

Learn how to implement a Virtual InfoCube with services in support of a transactional application using services that select the necessary data and transfers it to the Virtual InfoCube interface. 01 Mar 2005


How to Use Reporting Variables in BW-BPS

Standard BW-BPS functionality does not support reporting variables or global variables. This document describes a solution that addresses both issues. 01 Feb 2005


How to Create and Maintain UI Patterns of BI Content 

Learn to create and maintain pattern-based Web templates with the Business Intelligence (BI) Wizard. Download attached system files (ZIP 6.2MB) 01 Jan 2005


How to Handle Inventory Management Scenarios 

This guide explains the most important settings and procedures when implementing inventory management scenarios. It focuses on the special features involved in implementing in the inventory management area with the use of non-cumulative key figures and the sub-areas that make up the special features of inventory management scenarios. 01 Jan 2005


How to Load Balancing For Data Load Processing and Warehouse 

Learn load balancing approaches for typical SAP BW activities which process large amounts of data. This paper covers parallel processing both within one process and across processes. 01 Jan 2005


How to Minimize Downtime For Delta Initialization 

Learn how to minimize the amount of time and the restrictions that the initial load causes on the production system. The solution described in this paper includes only the steps that are absolutely necessary to execute it in the productive system and to execute the main workload in a copy. 01 Dec 2004


How to Validate InfoCube Data by Comparing it with PSA Data 

This guide gives you an introduction to how you can work with the PSA Export DataSource. You can use this DataSource like any other DataSource: for example, you can use it to read data from the PSA with a RemoteCube. 01 Dec 2004


How to Archive in BW 

Learn about the process of the BW Archiving in 3.0. The process has three parts: writing the data, deleting the data, and ensuring the consistency of the archived data. 01 Nov 2004


How to Call a BPS Web Interface with Predefined Selections 

Learn how the setting of variables in a planning application can be automated by using URL parameters. 01 Nov 2004


How to Create Monitor Entries from an Update Routine 

Learn how you can create your own load monitor entries from transformations; or, in releases prior to SAP NetWeaver 2004s, transfer and update rules. 01 Nov 2004


How to Disaggregate on Upload 

Learn how you can use the Return Table feature in transformations to generate multiple target records based on a single source record. 01 Nov 2004


How to Extract Archived R 3 Data via the Archiving Information System 

Learn a workaround solution for extracting archived data via a generic Data Source based on the information structures of the Archiving Information System. The sole prerequisites to use this method are the availability of the Archiving Information System in the R/3 system and the functionality of the generic extraction in the R/3 system. 01 Nov 2004


How to Hierarchies in Several Characteristics 

Learn how hierarchies are used in BPS and how hierarchies with several characteristics can be simulated in BPS planning layouts. In BPS, a planning layout can only show a BW hierarchy in the key column if the key column contains only one characteristic. 01 Nov 2004


How to Implement Business Scenarios for Customer Loyalty Management 

This paper explains how to implement Customer Loyalty Management based on Loyalty Points with a low level of complexity. 01 Nov 2004


How to Line Items in BW-BPS 

Learn an easy way to use characteristic derivation to make a unique identification of the data record, allowing you to record who entered a data record and when. 01 Nov 2004


How to Loop over Reference Data in Fox Formulas 

The Fox formulas are a flexible tool to implement necessary planning functions, but they cannot reference data directly in order to create new data. This paper explains why and shows a workaround. 01 Nov 2004


How to SAP BW 3.5 Upgrade Prep and Post- Upgrade Checklist

This guide details a collection of recommended tasks to execute when you upgrade to SAP BW 3.5, including SAP BI 3.5x Content releases. 01 Nov 2004


How to Use SAP GUI Planning Folders with the ST System 

This guide shows you one possible way to use SAP GUI Planning folders in the Status and Tracking environment. 01 Nov 2004


How to Run Planning Sequences on Save and Other Events 

Learn how to enhance a Web Interface to automatically trigger a global planning sequence at two times: when the save button is pressed, and before a layout is executed. 01 Sep 2004


How to SAP BW Unicode with an MDMP Source System 

Learn how more and more BI systems are migrated to Unicode. Usually connections to other Unicode or single-code page systems are fairly straightforward. However, any legacy MDMP source system is a challenge, as characters must be converted based on the code page they were entered in. 01 Sep 2004


How to Upload User-Specific Variable Selections in BW-BPS 

This document describes how to load a flat file containing the selection criteria for user-specific variables into BW-BPS. The provided program can be useful for the initial setup of user-specific variable values especially if the number of users is high. The program can also be used to maintain the variable values instead of changing them in the Planning Framework. Download attached system files.  01 Jun 2004


How to Validate Key Figure Values in Manual Planning 

Learn how you can add validation rules for key figure values keyed in manually. The provided solution is useful for improving the quality of captured data. As the validation is done within the layout component itself it has almost no impact on performance. 01 Jun 2004


How to Download a Hierarchy to a Flat File

Learn how to download a master data hierarchy to a flat file. The file format matches the hierarchy upload format for sorted and time-dependent hierarchies (IDOC). 01 May 2004


How to Enable SAP BW Web Functionality After a New BW Installation 

Learn how to perform the initial configuration of the SAP BW System to enable BW web functionality. This will enable you and your BW users to use a web browser for all BW functions. 01 May 2004


How to Configure UD Connect on the J2EE Server to External Data Bases 

Learn how to configure the JDBC connector on the J2EE server as well as your BI system, allowing you to use a remote cube to access the external data. 01 Jan 2004


How to Load a Flat File into BW-BPS Using SAPGUI

This document describes a solution developed for BW-BPS that lets you prompt the end user for a file name (or specify it in a parameter group) and load the data directly from the file into BW-BPS. The purpose is to give the user an easy to use mechanism to load flat files when using the SAPGUI front-end. Download attached system files. 01 Dec 2003


How to Save Data into a Flat File in BW-BPS Using SAPGUI

This document describes a solution developed for BW-BPS that lets you prompt the end user for a file name (or specify it in a parameter group) and save the data of a planning package directly from BW-BPS into a file. The purpose is to give the user an easy to use mechanism to save flat files. Download attached system files. 01 Nov 2003

Integration Scenarios /Cross Component

How to Expose a BW Query As Web Service in a UDDI Registry 

Learn how to expose information from a SAP NetWeaver BI query to the outside world without the consumers of this information having any knowledge about SAP NetWeaver BI. 01 Jan 2005


How to Push Data into BW from XI 

Learn to send data from XI to BW with full Quality of Service (Exactly Once In Order). The solution is based on BW 3.5 and XI 3.0 which are both part of SAP NetWeaver '04. 01 Dec 2004


How to Push Data from BI to XI

This paper extends the Open Hub scenario significantly, by providing a technique which subsequently delivers the extracted dataset to the SAP NetWeaver PI system (aka XI) in XML format, using a custom process type that calls an ABAP proxy for data transport. 01 May 2004

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