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Frontend Setup

For the installation and distribution of frontend software, SAPSetup offers easy and reliable functionality for installations ranging from single PCs to distributions on a large scale - including the option to run installation servers that support you in distributing and updating frontends in your landscape.



System Installation

In your system landscape, you regularly face the requirement to realize new functionality, such as in the form of adding new systems to an existing landscape or even building up a totally new landscape. Here, it is important that you can perform the installation reliable according to your needs - be it the installation on your preferred operating system/database combination, the installation of a system distributed to several hosts or the installation of a high-availability system.


System Installation Tools

For this, SAP is offering the software provisioning manager 1.0 (providing the latest version of our software provisioning tool SAPinst) that enables software provisioning processes for several product versions, covering all supported platforms. Instead of searching for the right media containing the software provisioning tool and potentially having to consider a long list of issues and fixes described in SAP Notes that have to be applied manually, just download the latest version of the software provisioning manager and automatically get support of the latest product versions and platforms – including latest fixes in SAPinst and supported processes, powered by a reliable tool available and used for years.


Whether you are going to copy an SAP NetWeaver system, rename an SAP Business Suite system or install a standalone engine, you can handle all these installations flexible and reliable on all supported platforms. In addition, many other procedures are offered in the context of software provisioning, such as the system copy, system migration, system rename, and dual-stack split of SAP systems.


Further Information

For more information on system installation, see the following presentations:



  • To plan your installation, use the Master Guide (SMP login required) available for each SAP application.
  • With the up-to-date installation, you can ease the installation process of a system with selected Support Package level. For this, by using the Maintenance Planner, you can directly generate a stack.xml file for planned landscape changes without first having to register the system in SAP Solution Manager. The information about planned activities can then be directly propagated to the tools that consume it (software provisioning manager and Software Update Manager). That is, software provisioning manager can now consume the generated stack.xml file and use the information provided in there for execution (including further enhancements in the installation process as part of the up-to-date installation, such as inclusion of language installation and the preparation for the execution of Software Update Manager).
  • After the successful installation of a new SAP system with software provisioning manager 1.0, you can use the Technical Configuration for the automated configuration of SAP NetWeaver. Especially for SAP NetWeaver ABAP 7.4, we offer the automated initial setup with the ABAP task manager.
  • To build up a three-system landscape with development, test and production system, use the System Copy tools provided by SAP.
  • Instead of installing an evaluation, demo, or training system, you can also profit from a preconfigured SAP system delivered via the cloud. For more information, see the SAP Cloud Appliance Library space.


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