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Business Process Platform for Retail

Retailers need to respond to the needs of consumers in a fast-moving industry that never stops. This creates real business challenges. For example, retailers must commit to a huge innovation effort, new business models and process change to focus on developing customer centricity - giving customers the feeling they are unique. At the same time, the core business must continuously improve to maintain a competitive position in the market; a prime example of this is setting the right price level to attract and retain customers.


SAP can help retailers manage the dual challenge of innovative and optimized execution with a business process platform (BPP). A harmonized deployment of industry-relevant and customer-specific business processes from SAP, SAP partners and in-house solutions on a single platform, the BPP delivers the basis for quick adoption, business efficiency and growth. New business models, new services and new innovative processes can be quickly created on the BPP, allowing retailers to stay ahead of the competition and address the needs of consumers today. For example, typical business processes around price optimization and one-time product update can be easily improved and optimized on the BPP.


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Business Process Platform Use Cases

One-Time Product Update

Many retailers are tired of the expense and time involved in maintaining, updating, and correcting the master data for its products. This use case explains how you can subscribe to product master data on a GDSN certified data pool and how you are able to maintain and update your Retail Master Data.


Price Optimization

For most retailers, determining how to price goods for maximum revenue can be a real challenge. This use case explains how retailers can create price strategies that support their business objectives by providing insight into price sensitivity, customer demand, business rules and cost structures.


Credit Check

The goal of credit management is simple: to give a company the tools for determining whether or not to do business with a customer. This use case explains how retailers can determine and calculate the credit limit for a business partner automatically.


For more information on additional use cases that can be deployed on the Business Process Platform, see the Enterprise Services Wiki page.

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