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International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

If you deal in goods, services, or intellectual property included in the United States Munitions List (USML), you are responsible for ensuring that all related transactions conform to the stringent requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Considered within the sobering light cast by global terrorism, ITAR compliance is more important than ever. To observe the rules and avoid unnecessary delays, you must quickly, unerringly identify relevant products and services. You then have to apply for, manage, and track all necessary licenses. Moreover, you need to ascertain what restrictions, if any, apply to specific destination countries and business partners.


IT, Export Control and Information Security: Learning to Speak the Same Language

In this blog, Magnus Bjorendahl, Industry Solution Manager for Aerospace and Defense at SAP, looks at the relationship between IT, export control, and information security, and discusses Active Control Policy Language (ACPL), which was developed to let users, such as export managers, more easily develop information security rules and information-handling procedures.


ITAR Compliance with SAP GTS: Solution Brief 

Today's security-conscious world demands compliance with ITAR. As described in this solution brief, the SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) application helps you ensure that compliance by automating a wide range of key ITAR-related tasks – boosting speed and accuracy while minimizing the risk of severe penalties. See also the SAP GRC Overview presentation.


Electronic GRC for Information Export Control   (Webcast) 

SAP, IBM, and NextLabs have joined to deliver a new solution for aerospace and defense, high-tech, and industrial firms. The solution extends the export compliance capability of SAP GRC GTS to include technical information subject to ITAR, EAR, or other regulations. In this webcast recording and presentation, learn how the solution enables compliance with export requirements and control of access to and distribution of vital information. (Audio only MP3; Presentation) For more information, see the whitepaper below.


Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solution for Information Export Control   (Whitepaper) 

The eGRC Solution for Information Export Control allows organizations to automate how technical data is identified, controlled, and audited to ensure that the disclosure or export of technical data from U.S. commercial companies to foreign persons outside or within the U.S. meets regulatory requirements. This whitepaper examines this policy-based approach solution in more detail. For a multi-media look at the eGRC Solution, see the webcast above.

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