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Support for SAP Components in Virtual and Cloud Environments

Whereas the General Support Statement for Virtual Environments is valid for almost all SAP applications that run in a virtual or in a private cloud environment, the support of SAP applications in a public cloud environment is more restrictive.

SAP Support in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments

For more information about the support of SAP applications, operating systems, databases and virtualization solutions and technologies in virtual and in private cloud environments, see Support of SAP Applications, Operating Systems and Databases in Virtual and Private Cloud Environments.


For a list of SAP certified Outsourcing Partners, see


SAP Support in Public Cloud Environments

For support prerequisites of SAP software in a public cloud, in particular in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment, see SAP Note 1380654.

Currently, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the only supported IaaS cloud service provider for the Linux and Windows guest operating system. For more information that is related to the operation of SAP software on the AWS infrastructure, see the following SAP Notes:

SAP NoteInformation
1656099                                                           Supported SAP Applications, database and operating system versions and AWS EC2 instance types
1656250Prerequisites for support, monitoring, network and storage for SAP software that is operated on the AWS infrastructure
1588667Collection of guides and information on backup, high-availability and operation of SAP software on the AWS infrastructure

SAP Cloud Readiness Check

If you need support in deciding whether your SAP system should remain in a native environment, can be virtualized, or be moved to a public cloud, consult SAP Services for the SAP Cloud Readiness Check. This check indicates the extent to which your technical infrastructure meets the requirements of operating SAP Business Suite applications in public cloud environments. For more information, contact SAP Services at


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