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SAP NetWeaver Portal: Partner Information

On this page you get an overview on partner offerings, interoperability with Microsoft and IBM and other interesting sources for partner information.


Complementary Offerings by Special Expertise Partners

There are some Special Expertise Partners that provide complementary offerings for SAP NetWeaver Portal:



The btexx Portal Suite 2012 offers five optimally integrated solutions can be used together or individually in heterogeneous portal scenarios to build state of the art internet-, intranet- and/or extranet-portal solutions. The delivery includes the btexx best practice Portal template “sotric”, which was honoured as SAP NetWeaver Portal Star 2012. Read more about the portal challenge in the following blog.


  • btexx easyWCM: A Web Content Management System for SAP Enterprise Portal: thanks to its simple use, even editors with no technical background can begin working with btexx easyWCM quickly and efficiently. Content modules of various types (SAP applications, animations, text, images, etc.) can be presented, updated and managed simply and clearly within the desired website structure.
  • btexx universalSearch: Google & Co. are the tools of choice when searching for information on the Web. Now you can offer the convenience of these tools in your enterprise portal with proven SAP NetWeaver Portal standards. The btexx universalSearch offers a completely free design of search interfaces & a flexible connector framework to search in your corporate data sources.
  • btexx documentManager: btexx documentManager offers an environment similar to Windows Explorer with an intuitive and friendly UI for the Knowledge Management (KM) in the SAP Portal. The product provides a Web-based platform for sharing, editing and storing any type of documents. Highlight: Also available as free version. Download it here.
  • btexx collaborationManager: btexx developed btexx collaborationManager to improve collaboration and communication in enterprise portals. btexx collaborationManager makes the separation of the systems invisible for users and helps to integrate content of one or multiple MS SharePoint Servers (2007/2010) into the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Users can define which content should be available from the SharePoint server, i.e. complete websites/teamsites or individual web parts such as document libraries, team calendars or image galleries. Moreover, the integration also covers a smooth SharePoint navigation integration into the detailed navigation of the SAP Portal.
  • btexx mobilePortal: btexx mobilePortal gives smartphone users access to SAP NetWeaver Portal information and SAP standard applications throughout the enterprise. Among numerous other advantages, the solution accelerates internal processes by making it possible to edit Universal Work List (UWL) tasks, presenting corporate news in a clear and concise manner and providing global search functionality including contact information.



Groupware Integration with IBM/MSFT. More information is available at



SAP Portal Analytics - Click Stream: a SAP NetWeaver Portal application for your usage statistics



HLP: Business Package for Confluence Wiki: Seamless integration of the leading Enterprise Wiki Software Atlassian Confluence into SAP NetWeaver Portal. Confluence combines powerful online authoring capabilities, deep office integration and an extensive plugin catalog to help people work better together and share information effortlessly.

HLP: Business Package for FirstSpirit CMS: this business package facilitates the seamless integration of FirstSpirit with SAP NetWeaver® Portal, providing a fully integrated editorial process, from content generation to its publication on the portal. All portal services (PCD, KM, Trex, etc.) are fully supported, while a multi-channel approach helps to re-use content for additional portals and mobile scenarios. See also:



All additional SAP Portal products in the offering of HO2 are 100% SAP NetWeaver Portal standard solutions and fully integrated in SAP NW Portal core. All products and tools can be installed and used separately as well as in combination with the other tools. An important key benefit of the approach is you can start immediately with your intranet, extranet or internet project. HO2 offers a lot of "Best Practice Templates" as well as a Best Practice Portal design. All solutions are "User centric solutions", meaning, the users are able to create and maintain the content and content structure, without any developing or html experience:


  • HO2 SmartCMS: an integrated Web Content Management System for SAP NetWeaver Portal: HO2 SmartCMS is an 100% standard Add-In solution based on SAP Portal Core: HO2 SmartCMS provides powerful and yet easy-to-use editing tools that integrate seamlessly with the SAP NetWeaver® Portal user interface to enable business users to instantly access and publish Web  as well as standard Business content. By ensuring that portal content remains up-to-date and is easily accessible by even non-technical users, the solution increases engagement and portal use throughout organizations. We deliver complete range of page templates and widgets like Article,Teaser, Image Gallery, Contact Widget etc.
  • HO2 SmartFORMS: This solution will enable users to create and maintain any kind of forms (like room booking forms, survey forms, registration forms) without any technical experience. You are also able to evaluate and provide the formulars depending on user authorizations concepts.
  • HO2 SmartRSS: SmartRSS is a very use- and powerful Web 2.0 solution for the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Users can subscribe Content-Sites (i.e. Blogs, Wikis, Websites) with the advantage, that this removes the need for the user to manually check the Content- Sites for new content. Instead, SmartRSS  constantly monitors the site and informs the user of any updates. With SmartRSS it´s also possible to create RSS-Feed Messages and enable publishers to syndicate data based on an authorization concept automatically.
  • HO2 SmartMobile: Enables customers to access and use SAP Portal assets via mobile devices like Smartphones or TabletPCs. This solution is based on "SAP NetWeaver Portal on Device" and HO2 SmartCMS. The user can flexible define which content or content structure should be accessible via mobile devices. Focused on the HO2 Smart Business Portal Suite, the Widgets are optimized for mobile devices  as well as the portal pages. HO2 SmartMobile together with the other HO2 Smart solutions (i.e. SmarRSS, SmartUWL) offer and provide a low TCO multichannel portal utilization across devices.
  • HO2 SmartMOSS: Provides MS SharePoint Server Content like Teamsites, Document Center, Calendar etc in SAP Portal.
  • HO2 SmartConnect: HO2 SmartConnect is the leading 360° social media management tool for companies. It integrates all information extracted from social media networks and your business systems, including SAP ERP, SAP CRM or Salesforce on one page. Read more about HO2 SmartConnect.


Interoperability with Microsoft and IBM



Interoperability between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Technologies is a very important topic in many companies.




Other Partner Information Sources




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