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IBM AIX High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Storage

SAP uptime requirements go towards zero downtime. To support this SAP target IBM provides a set of technolgies. Virtualization, a cluster software and data redundancy are the core technologies. More about virtualization can be found on the AIX Virtualization topic page. The focus here will be on PowerHA - formerly HACMP - as cluster technology and the IBM Storage features protecting and mirroring data.
Since 2009 a refresh of SAP based solutions for high availability and disaster recovery is ongoing to provide End-to-End guidance.


Key Resources


Invincible Supply Chain - SAP APO Hot Standby liveCache on IBM Power Systems

A joint IBM SAP proof of concept presenting an end-to-end infrastructure solution for mission critical SAP Supply Chain Management using Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) and/or Available to Promise (ATP). Each single point of failure is provided with an HA solution including the new PowerHA Hot Standby for SAP liveCache. Hot Standby is an integration of the SAP liveCache via API to IBM storage functionality. The ABAP database is covered by similar quick recovery functionality of DB2 HADR. Both the Tivoli SA MP and PowerHA clustering solutions are covered. Storage virtualization provided by the IBM SAN Volume Controller extends the flexibility and resiliency of the end to end solution based on Power7 and VIOs.


Highly Available SAP landscapes using PowerHA

IBM maintains a living wiki page on developer works to provide SAP customers with the latest setup instructions and PowerHA scripts for a variety of SAP instance types. The "solution bundle" consisting of documentation and validated scripts are provided free of charge for your personal use. The documentation combines SAP, PowerHA, Storage and AIX requirements within a single point. 2011 again will bring lots of new areas, enhancements and prove points. DON'T MISS THEM!


HA & DR for SAP using IBM System Storage, AIX and IBM PoweHA SystemMirror

IBM System Storage for SAP Applications in HA/DR Scenarios on AIX

This whitepaper summarizes how the Metro Mirror, also referred to as PPRC, as a synchronous storage mirroring facility of the IBM System Storage DS® must be setup and how it can be exploited for SAP applications under control of IBM PowerHA SystemMirror® and PowerHA® extended distance versions on AIX®.


Executive Summary: Using IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX to implement High Availability and Disaster Recovery for SAP Applications

The Executive summary highlights the features of an end-to-end business resiliency solution based on PowerHA (HACMP). It also references the technical implementation and documentation.


IBM Storage and SAP - evaluation of HA and DR concepts

Abstract: This paper is intended to give an high level understanding of technical matters when planning high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) in the context of SAP® environments using IBM® Storage.


IBM System Storage and SAP High Availability Installations on AIX

Abstract: This paper is intended to give an understanding of technical matters when setting up high availability SAP environments using IBM System Storage DS® and Power Servers on AIX.


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