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Visual Composer Migration

A direct upgrade from Netweaver 7.0 to Netweaver 7.3 will be first introduced with the release of Netweaver 7.3. Currently customers who choose to use Netweaver 7.11 or Netweaver 7.2 have to do a side car type of upgrade, where the machines work in parallel and the content is migrated from 7.0 to 7.11 or 7.2.


The migration process from Netweaver 7.0 to Netweaver 7.3 is similar to the migration from Netweaver 7.0 to Netweaver 7.11 and 7.2. The rest of this document will refer to the migration of Netweaver 7.0 to Netweaver 7.3, but is can and should be applied to the migration from Netweaver 7.0 to Netweaver 7.11 and 7.2 as well.


The migration of Visual Composer content entails 2 paths or scenarios, the runtime scenario, where the already deployed Visual Composer 7.0 content is migrated to a new Netweaver 7.3 machine. The design time scenario refers to the migration of the actual Visual Composer models from Visual Composer 7.0 to Visual Composer 7.3.


Runtime Migration

If modeled content needs to be transported to a new SAP NetWeaver 7.3, certain steps must be performed, as described in the "How to Transport Visual Composer Content" document. Runtime migration does not entail any changes to existing models.


Design Time Migration

Visual Composer 7.0 models can also be migrated, using a tool in Visual Composer. To upgrade Visual Composer 7.0 models to Visual Composer 7.3, the models must be exported from Visual Composer 7.0 and then imported into Visual Composer 7.3 using the migration tool included in Visual Composer.
The design time migration is not fully automated and there are steps that have to be performed manually to obtain the required functionality. These steps are outlined in the documents below. 



What’s New in Visual Composer for SAP NetWeaver 7.30?  
This is an introduction to Visual Composer 7.3 for Visual Composer 7.0 users. It introduces new concepts and ideas to users of the 7.0 version of Visual Composer it will help when working on the migrated Visual Composer models.


Visual Composer Migration Handbook  
This document provides information on the manual steps which have to be done after migrating models in the design time. The document outlines the parts and objects which are not supported from Visual Composer 7.0 to Visual Composer 7.3 and explains how the similar functionality can be achieved.


How to transport VC content from VC 7.0 to VC 7.30  
Migrating Visual Composer 7.0 runtime applications for machines which have been upgraded is done without any user intervention, however when doing a side by side update, the content has to be transported from one machine to the other, this document is a step by step guide in doing this.


Visual Composer Veteran's Guide  
This document is an introduction to Visual Composer for the SAP Netweaver Composition Environment, for users familiar with Visual Composer 7.0. It contains some tips for model conversion. It does not specifically refer to migration of models but will help in understanding the changes in functionality.

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