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Getting Started with Integration and Certification (FAQ)



How do I apply for an integration certification for my solution?


Please fill in the SAP ICC online application form with information about your company and about the software application that you want to integrate in order to apply for an integration certification.



How much does it cost?


To budget an integration certification project, take into consideration your own development resources, system access needs and the certification fees from SAP:


Certification fees depend on the technology used, and range from 3.500 Euro (e.g. SAP Business One add-on solution certification) to 15.000 Euro (e.g. ABAP add-on certification). The respective fees are listed on each documentation page of a pre-defined interface.



If you are not sure, what integration technology works best for your solution, we offer an SAP Integration Assessment Service for 3.000 Euro, which provides you with detailed recommendations on how to integrate.


The certification fee includes two days of consulting and testing services by an SAP consultant. Most certifications are done remotely, but should travel be necessary, it is at the expense of the certifying company.



How long does it take to complete a certification?


The certification test itself will take 1 day or less. However a number of preparations need to be taken, and the time it takes to complete these preparations varies. A typical certification based on an SAP pre-defined scenario can be finished within roughly two months. This estimate assumes the following:


  • One week for feasibility study by SAP after formal registration.
  • One week for contract processing by SAP.
  • One week for contract signature by ISV or partner.
  • Two weeks for payment transfers for certification fees.
  • Three weeks for test preparations including kick-off meeting with ICC consultant, guidance on test criteria and best practices, test system set-up and final   testing.
  • One week for final sign-off on test results and publication, as well as sending out the logo by SAP.


However, experience has shown that not all projects follow the ideal path. Referring to the contract an ISV has up to nine months to finish a certification starting with the date when contract was signed.


Possible bottlenecks on SAP side are:

  • analyzing custom-defined integration scenarios that do not fit into standard technologies
  • sheer volume of registrations right before major events (SAPPHIRE, SAP d-code)


Possible bottlenecks on partner's side are:

  • Integration or connector not ready, or needs to be changed in order to meet technical requirements for certification
  • The latter may coincide with only limited development resources to work on the integration
  • IP holder or trademark owner not clearly identified
  • Budget constraints or payment delays


General bottlenecks on both sides: vacation time and holidays.

Ongoing certifications are kept confidential until SAP has officially signed-off a certification test report and handed out the certificate.



What do I need to prepare?


Once we have signed a contract to certify integration, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant by SAP. Your engineers prepare the testing under the guidance of this consultant, and schedule a certification date. We provide you the test plan ahead of time, so you can prepare your solution. Certification is either conducted remotely or onsite (if technical limitations do not allow for remote testing).


During any certification test, the SAP consultant monitors and logs the test results, while the ISV engineers drives the actual testing, including the integration set-up and data exchange. Your software remains always under the control of the ISV representative.


Once the testing is concluded successfully, you will receive a detailed (confidential) test report, and a certificate, that you can use to promote the successful certification to your customers. The solution will be listed online in our directory within a few days. Certification is valid worldwide.



What are “SAP–endorsed” integration technologies?


Our Integration Guide describes the SAP-endorsed integration technologies that Independent Software Vendors and partners are required to use to develop interface software eligible for SAP integration certification. SAP tests the interface software or connector built by ISV’s and partners for correct implementation of SAP-endorsed technologies and/or stability in an SAP environment depending on the type of certification.


SAP also offers certifications for a variety of apps deployed on SAP technology, such as SAP Mobile Platform, SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform etc.



Does SAP ICC certify custom solutions


The aim of the certification is to showcase an ecosystem of solutions that are available to be integrated as much as possible out-of-the-box. Therefore,  we only certify integrations and applications that are generally available from our partners and ISVs


What are the benefits once I complete the certification?


Once the certification is completed, ISV/s/ Partners receive a number of benefits from SAP. Click here to know about the benefits of integration certification.



What support do you provide?


Following are the services offered by SAP ICC:-

  • Solution certification, system access and assessments

- Integration Assessment 
- Test System Access

- Integration certification

- Re-Certification


  • ABAP Add-on Services

- ABAP Add-On Service Package and certification
- SAP HANA Readiness Assessment for ABAP Add-on
Security Code Scanning Confirmation


  • Hardware and Infrastructure

- HANA Hardware

- SAP Printer Vendor Program.

- Network certification



How can I get access to the necessary test systems to prepare?


ISV’s can subscribe to the SAP Remote Access and Connectivity Service (SAP RAC). if they do not have their own landscape to test their integration. SAP RAC offers ISV’s and partners a highly-flexible, low-cost, no-maintenance, SAP system landscape. This service enables subscribers to easily work on their SAP consulting projects or test their own products' integration with an SAP solution using pre-defined SAP integration scenarios. It is available as a low cost shared environment, or an exclusive-use environment, depending on your needs. Click here to know more about SAP RAC.



Can I hire a third-party to do the integration work for our company?


The ISV representative does not necessarily have to be an employee of your company. However, it is the ISV’s duty to make sure that any third-party consultants assigned to a certification project have a non-disclosure agreement signed with your company, and that they are instructed about the certification scope. After that, the ISV (owner of the IP) may formally introduce the third-party consultant to SAP. In any case, these third-parties are not allowed to use the SAP trademarks (logos etc.) licensed to the ISV as part of the successfully completed certification, and it is the ISV’s responsibility, as the owner of IP and certification holder, to ensure the integration is maintained and supported. Please consult our General Terms and Conditions for details.



What would be the cost of re-certification?

SAP ICC offers a 30% discount on the certification fee, if you sign the re-certification contract before the expiry of your current certification. Certification itself can be completed within nine months after the sign-up. However, below are exceptions for few scenarios on discount fee:



  • ABAP and Network certification do not qualify for a re-certification discount.


Click here to know more about the benefits of re-certification.






What is the role of SAP Integration and Certification Centre (SAP ICC)?


The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) was established in 1996 to support services around third-party software integration with SAP solutions. We offer an open program for any partner or Independent Service Vendor, who has an app or a solution, and wishes to have their solution or interface certified. With the growth of SAP’s solution portfolio, partners have a wide range of integration options – to deploy on platforms such as SAP HANA, or to continue to integrate directly with APIs in our business applications. We can look back at having performed well over 6000 certifications with various SAP technologies.



Where are SAP ICC centers located?


Software providers and SAP partners who have built or plan to build software integrations with SAP solutions are welcome to work with any of the global SAP ICC to have their integration certified. Our business language is English, but we do have strong local presence at:


  • SAP AG,  Walldorf/Germany
  • SAP Labs in Palo Alto, CA/USA
  • SAP Labs in Montreal/Canada
  • SAP Labs in Bangalore/India
  • SAP Labs in Shanghai/China
  • SAP Labs in Sao Leopoldo / Brazil

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