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  • 240. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements
    Mazin Mahmood
    Currently Being Moderated


    Hi Julius, Good day.......


    hmmmm actually, the feature which I liked the most was indeed the Red icon. Sometimes searching the forums can be a real pain (especially when working on uncommon technologies). It can be quite frustrating going into each thread and finding out that there is no solution for it. (Aaaargghhh!!)


    I am not sure why moderation would be so difficult for this icon. Do moderators actually have to go through each thread to see if an unanswered question is actually answered. If so, all Moderators have my sympathy........


    I might suggest : A new thread to discuss the level of moderation in SDN  

    (And the infinite loop has just begun)




  • 241. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements
    Julius von dem Bussche
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    Okay, you have a good point there.


    Unfortunately "done" and "solved by self" and "asdf" are more common




  • 242. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements
    Tobias Hofmann
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    It can be quite frustrating going into each thread and finding out that there is no solution for it

    Depends ... quite often there is a solution provided, but the OP isn't capable of understanding it or does want to have a complete code or step by step howto and isn't marking the thread as solved.

    And as a moderator cannot know the answer to all questions ...


    And we do have the 10 open question limit: people are going through some older posts and mark it as closed, giving the famous solved or done text.




  • 243. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements
    Michael Hofmänner
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    giving the famous solved or done text.


    This is kind of annoying especially when there is a couple of members taking the labor of a search and finding such a thread.


    Example: Out Of Memory Error during SYSTEM COPY Import


    Should this behavior be abused, or should a remark be added in the rules of engagement?

  • 244. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements
    Mazin Mahmood
    Currently Being Moderated

    @ Tobias, Julius : Aah Yes, the infamous "Done" or "Solved".... really defeats the purpose of having a forum doesn't it. I am afraid that is something that will happen in most forums to some extent. I think the only way this could be solved is......... tighter moderation perhaps..... (Sorry Mods..... You already have a lot to do and are doing a very good job i might add)


    @ mho : Nice suggestions, A mention in the rules of engagement would be nice, now that users have an option to mark the thread as "not answered", they really needn't go for "done" or worse "asdsf".




  • 245. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements
    dominic grieg
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    Great! Nice post!

    Even i can't say "how to end a question that is not answered." However, i'll just wish that your question on "How to end a question that is not answered?" be answered.




    Edited by: Julius Bussche on Jan 25, 2011 10:07 PM

  • 246. Suggestions for forum improvements(Need a section for SCM EWM)
    Syed Ismail
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    I would like to put forth a request to create a new section for forum for SCM Extended Warehouse Management and i am not sure if this is the right place to request as i did not find any other way to contact the moderator.


    Currently there are other requests from LE,MM modules of SAP that get bundled into the discussions. As the SCM EWM module picks up, we will see a significant increase in the discussions hence the request for a separate section/category.


    Best Regards,

    Syed Ismail

  • 247. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements(Need a section for SCM EWM)
    Gali Kling Schneider
    Currently Being Moderated

    Syed requests for new forums should be opened either in a new thread here or via [SCN idea place|https://ideas.sap.com/community/community_and_services].

    Then if there is enough community agreement (by comments and/or voting) the request will be reviewed.


    At that time 2 people will need to offer to be that forum's moderators.


    Regards, Gali

  • 248. Re: Suggestions for forum improvements
    Sukhbold Altanbat
    Currently Being Moderated

    I have a suggestion for improving SDN forum.


    As I know, currently forum member awards points by choosing the answer that he/she thinks it is correct. Sometimes there can be a case that it is difficult to choose which one is the right answer. What I am going to suggest is that there should be an option to put the question in voting. Voting allows other members to choose which answer is deserved get points.



  • 249. Re: Suggestion - allow us to add points for things that helped you
    Bruce Hartley
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    I recently had to look through SDN to find a solution for how to convert a flat XML file into an ABAP structure and internal table.


    Many of the the solutions weren't really solutions - it was mostly "use this" - without any example whatsoever.  If you want to see the point of this, do a search on SMUM_PARSE_XML and see how many things refernce it - and how few ( if any ) actually have sample code in there.


    Before you all get all wound up and say "oh, do a CALL TRANSFORM" - keep in mind that I had 17+ files to convert and I didn't want to have to maintain 17 ST conversions - plus I wanted something generic.  I Idgress, but I wanted to make the point that I actually did consider that as a solution.


    So then I found this one special post where the person actually provided a small clear answer to how to call another related function that made all the difference in the world - my code now works.


    So what I'm asking for is that I be allowed to allocate up to 100 points a year for "useful" posts.  These points would NOT count towards the solution points due to the fact that the system would otherwise be misused.


    Over time, the "good posts" that actually help would pile up points and you could rank them by "usability points".  Yes it might stil be mis-used by people who want bragging rights, but in my mind - if you're doing that - you don't belong here.  I'm upset enough about the people who post the same simple question for their buddies to answer so they get points - I hope that they have stopped giving out free passes to Tech-Ed because as Drew Carey once said - "The points don't matter".


    Anyways, I'd like to award 30 of my points to the following post because I bet someone else is going to need it - and a further hint - the reply on 8/28/2007 by Lucy Ding is the magic answer - here's the link about how to use SDIXML_DOM_TO_DATA


    XML to internal table


    So thank you Lucy for taking the time to provide a simple, clear, concise, and CORRECT answer.

  • 250. Re: Suggestion - allow us to add points for things that helped you
    Athol Hill
    Currently Being Moderated

    Hi Bruce


    The reason you'll find people are hesitant to provide this level of detail is because some people use this forum as a replacement for training. I regularly see people from consulting companies with requesting config guides on modules. Its become clear that SDN has now become a training source for consultants sold on projects who have no experience in the relevant area and its the customers that suffer, not the consultants. I am normally happy to help with questions where its clear the consultant in question has an understanding of the module and has hit a wall where there are some tricks you need to know to get past, but I refuse to help a consultant at a site where he has clearly been sold in to do something he's not qualified to do. It results in second rate solutions for the customer and SAP gets a bad name, not the consultant.


    This is obviously different with coding but I have also seen posts from ABAPer's who clear don't know ABAP trying to provide support or enhancements to customers. Again, we should not be helping create an environment where consultants with no training or experience are allowed to thrive through bad practice.





  • 251. Re: Suggestion - allow us to add points for things that helped you
    Julius von dem Bussche
    Currently Being Moderated

    Unfortunately, because of the individual focus of the SDN poopints system, you will also find that those who do provide answers all to often have even less training and experience than the person who asked the question.


    This is typically made evident as linkfarms and copy&paste answers.


    It would be great for the community to be able to rate whole threads and individual answers, as has been requested many times and will hopefully see implemented by year end 2011.


    At least I am optimistic...




  • 252. Re: How to close a question which is not answered
    Marc Roussel
    Currently Being Moderated



    Having a checkbox for REMEMBER ME as I have to login each time I come to the site.  Wow I beg for the site to remember me.

  • 253. Re: How to close a question which is not answered
    Olivier CHRETIEN
    Currently Being Moderated

    Yes,  +1.

    And the authentication time out is much too small. You get a phone call and when you come back to SDN forums, you are a guest and have to login again from the start page. This is really very annoying.

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