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Importing UDO with DTW ...

Gianluigi BAGNOLI
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Check it out at /people/lisa.mulchinock/blog/2009/07/27/how-to-use-macros-to-importupdate-data-for-di-objects-not-yet-exposed-via-the-dtw-eg-udo-tables


Great development on top of the DI for UDO.

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    Paul Feeney
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    As of DTW version 2005.0.27, you can import UDOs directly with the DTW application. This version of DTW was released with:

    -SAP Business One 2007 A SP01 PL47

    -SAP Business One 2007 B SP00 PL14


    There are certain limitations:

    1. UDOs with a space character in the Name (OUDO.Name) are not supported. It will result in this error: u201CUnknown error -1005 !u201D

    2. The date format requirements for UDOs differs from the normal format in DTW. For UDOs you must enter the date in yyyy-mm-dd format.

    3. UDOs of Document Type cannot be updated. You can import them but not update. (Updates will be supportes in DTW 2005.0.28 though)


    You can get more info in this SAP Note: 1353428 - DTW2005.0.27: Support for UDOs



    Paul Feeney

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      I hope you will solve my problam


      Do you have any idea how to do this


      Parent table(Master Data type) i have customer code enter is Code and customer name is enter in Name field


      Child table (Master Data Row type) i have U_Rate,U_frmdate,U_todate


      I don't have to update parent table, only i need to import next row in child table due to rates are change time to time


      I have created UDO named as obj_CCPRICELIST


      But i can not do this via DTW through Chooseing Business Object obj_CCPRICELIST


      I struck with system message


      Status :Update Failed

      Key: 001

      Reason: Invalid XML Expected item name < child table> but got row <UDO>





      Using: SAP 2007B PL15, DTW 2005.0.30

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      Keith Lilley
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      Hello Paul


      I am gettin the same problem (i.e. Invalid XML.. Expecting item name <file name> bur 'row' provided.



      Can you please help