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how to derive Company Code and Vendor Number from CDHDR / CDPOS ?

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post and my apologies if this is a wrong forum to ask this.


I'm creating an analytic that will track changes to the vendor master.  I know that I have to look into CDHDR and CDPOS tables and that CDHDR.OBJECTCLAS = KRED.


However, part of the requirements is to be able to filter the results by Company Code and Vendor Number as well.  How do I do this? How can I link CDHDR to LFA1/LFB1 to get the company code and vendor code?


Any information will be highly appreciated


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    Zeeshan Shah
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    I think you would have gotten answers sooner in the abap forum :P. Anyways the change pointer tables are kept in a different format, not in the normal flatly structured tables. What this means is that the data which comes through the pointer tables are somewhat encrypted. The object class and id present you records; Each change in master data (where the option is set) is recorded in these pointer tables.

    I believe there is a function module for converting the data into a readable format; that data should have your company code/vendor number in it.  You cannot link the chdr and lfa tables directly- you will need to first convert the data from the pointer tables