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Validation not working on Qualified Field!!!! is this Normal!!!

eva majarova
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Hi All,



I have an Integer field in the Qualified table.

Name-> Non Qualifier -> Type Text

Code -> Qualifier -> type Integer


Now, i need to write a  validation which throws error If user enters a number whose length is  less than 4 or greater than 4.

The business requirement is User should enter Exactly 4 Numeric values. Not less and not more.


As integer type field done not control Field length i have written a validation.


I have written a validation..



But this is not working.

this works for a Normal Integer field which is in Main table, But this is not working when Code field is in Qualified table!!!


Is this the normal Behaviour of MDM??

Or am i missing something!!!


Experts please provide your suggestions.



Note: i changed the Code field to Text and made length as 4 in field property, But this is not controlling if user keys in only 2 values.

So written the above validation on text field as well, But it does not work.


Kind Regards