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Hi Experts,


We are having a requirement of launching a form which is located in some location(say for example: sharepoint by passing the url).

Upon clicking the button, the form should be launched on the web UI which is located in that particular location.

Till now I have created a Button on the web UI but I am facing difficulty in event handler method.

I even tried the function module Call_browser by passing the url, it is working fine in GUI but couldnu2019t launch the form on WEB UI. My code in event handler-eh_oncall is as follows:


DATA : lv_url type string,

      ls_button TYPE crmt_thtmlb_button_ext,

      lv_query type string.

lv_url = 'C:\Documents and Settings\amar_narayan\Desktop\Form'.


  lv_url = cl_crm_web_utility=>create_service_url(

      iv_handler_class_name   = 'eh_oncall'

    •      iv_controller_id        = controller_name

      iv_absolute             = 'X'

      iv_query                = lv_query

      iv_in_same_session      = 'X'

      iv_no_cookie            = 'X'

  •      iv_prevent_url_mangling = SPACE

    •      iv_js_callback_function =




    • this is the javascript to open a popup

*CONCATENATE 'javascript:window.location=''' lv_url ''';' into lv_url.


  • link the url to button click event

ls_button-on_client_click = lv_url.

*ls_button-on_client_click = javascript:window.open( 'C:\Documents and Settings\amar_narayan\Desktop\Form ')



For testing purpose, I have placed the code on the desktop and trying to launch it by passing the URL.


Pointers will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.