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Deman Planning - Query/report

Pete Burns
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I have been asked to provide a query/report showing stock in restricted &/0r unrestricted state BUT with no demand on the item.

The query/report needs to show material/item number, stock figures in each state, std cost and price unit.


The demand is shown on txn MD04 but how can I create a query/report as above?

I would like to create a query using SQVI if possible?


Any help would be appreciated.

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    Raymond Adams
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    There are several approaches to consider and it would be good to hear from some direct users.  Assuming you have a BW/BI landscape, there are numerous metrics in info cubes to easily get the data.  I used to look at inventory metrics and would start with the DOH (days on hand) - I don't remember how it was calculated, but normally it would take the current stock level and divide by the demand.  Of course, when the demand goes away, you are dividing by zero (or nearly zero), and your projected DOH goes way up.  So, by looking at the DOH, you quickly find out what products have stock with little or no demand.  You would then need to add the costing metrics, likely from another info cube.


    There are numerous inventory metrics in the BW info cube - I'll try to find an updated list, but if you ask your BW architect on site they should be able to provide it.


    Is there a reason why you are looking at it from a transactional query perspective instead of BW? 


    Ray Adams - 610-661-4647

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    OD Manikandan
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    Hai Burnsey,


    Use SQVI


    Connect Table : MCHB


    Table displays all the material with batches reg teh Restricted and Unrestricted qty.


    Table: MBEW


    STPRS give the material standard price with price unit.



    And make a t code for the sqvi program thro se93 tcode and assign to users.




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    Lokesh Nagdavne
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    Hi Burnsey ,


    You can use SQVI transaction, insert MARA and MARD table to get storage location wise stock for Materail.

    insert table MARC for Plant wise data of Material to COLLECT TRANSIT STOCK,


    go through these tables you can get the details.