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Restrict Deployment Run or Stock Transfers Creation

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Hello Sap Experts ,


I need some help with Deployment run.

The problem is that Deployment can´t confirm stock transfers between days 26th till 6th. I am using Push Distribution Push by Demand to anticipate those transfers before 26th but in some cases the result is not expected.

For i.eg :


On hand stock : 40 pcs

Planned order : 10 pcs on day 30th

Stock Transfer : 50 pcs on day 30th


If i execute deployment on day 22nd using push by demand it will anticipate to the same day 40 pcs (exactly the quantity i have in stock on hand) and the other 10 pcs it will confirm on day 30th when the production is planned, this way the result is not good for me because i can´t confirm any orders between 26th till 6th.


Is that any way to confirm the other 10 pcs after day 6th ?


PP/DS is creating stock transfers requisitions . Is that any way to block calendars or time streams to not create transfers between those dates ?


Please someone can help me with this issue ...


My best regards


Mauricio Filho