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Post method of a rest webservice not accepted by SAP

Anton Pierhagen
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hi all


I have a FLEX application which communicate to SAP via rest webservices.

The type of the rest webservices are GET and POST.


When i try to get a connection to the webservice with the type POST from my FLEX application it always fails.

But when i try the POST webservice from an application like SOAPUI, which can be used to test your webservices, it works. So the webservice in SAP is correct.


From my FLEX application i can connect to a rest webservice of the type GET in SAP. No problems there. So no connection

error to the SAP system.


With this knowledge, I have created a workaround for my POST webservices. I changed it into a GET webservice who containing a PARAMETER what kind of webservice it is. Via this parameter i let the SAP system know it is a POST webservice.

And via this PARAMETER the system can run the logic of the POST webservice.


But it is not a proper solution. So does anybody know a better solution for this problem?


Kind regards,


Anton Pierhagen