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replancing whole abap web dynpro screen with flex screen

Jenny slay
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We are implementing SAP SRM 7.01 which is on Net Weaver 7.01. In SRM 7.01, all the business transactions and frontends are developed in ABAP web dynpro floor plan manager. My client don't like SAP delivered screen, so we are planning to replance sap delivered screen with either flex or java front end. After refering many threads and artical, I come to know that adobe flex development would be faster and can be easily integrate with web dynpro ABAP as compare to Java front end.


My questions:


1.Since SRM transaction business logic is in web dynpro ABAP, can we replace whole(not part of screen) web dynpro floor plan manager front end screen with Adobe flex screen without changing the business logice ?


2. Since web dynpro ABAP integrate with flex via sap flash island concept, Part of web dynpro display element can be replace with flex. Can I design the entry field part of a screen in flex and integrate with existing ABAp web dynpro ?


3. Do I need to think about SAP abobe flex integration concept like FLAS SAP gateway integration, BSP flex integration etc for replancing the whole screen ?


4. Do I need Adobe livecycle data service to replace whole transaction screen ?



Some alternative idea would be welcome.


Thanks in advance.




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    Sergio Ferrari
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    Hi Jennifer,

      good idea but I believe you're dreaming. In the general terms , replacing the delivered User Interface (UI) layer is not feasible at all. If indeed you're going to enhance the User Experience about a couple of very popular screens you have some chances to get a great success.

      Keep in mind that Web Dynpro for ABAP together with FPM is very powerful and perfectly suited for internal deployment automatically supporting multi-language, multi-currencies format and the way to format dates, numbers, quantities.

      Even more complex and powerful is the huge amount of customization that you'll easily loose replacing the layer.

      You'll also have to apply for lot of authorization checks to hide,disable or display fields.


      In case, about your 4 options:

    1. Already explained above

    2. Flash Island is a very good technology that I would certainly adopt. I would leave texts and numbers (the business data) on the Web Dynpro Views and I would introduce probably something related to the product catalog in a well designed Flex Component.

    3. In your case, I would prefer Flash Island. If you want to completely replace Web Dynpro BSP+Flex integration is great even if the state-of-art would be the use of services published via SAP NetWeaver Gateway. I think a plug-in is also already available in Flex Builder to access SAP Gateway services.

    4. No you do not need Adobe livecycle data service. They offer instead an interesting alternative, a completely different approach and architecture.


    .5 (mine) you should also consider the software life-cycle. Developers will require first of all Adobe Flex Builder and then a central repository to share action scripts source and the other kind of web objects (pictures, styles,...). Change Management could also become an issue. Moving  piece of software from DEV to QAS to PRD could be slightly different than with the well known ABAP.