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Approval of Working Times tasks show in UWL and shouldn't

James O'Keeffe
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Our employees use ESS to record their working time and the managers use MSS to approve that time.  Occasionally the task Approval of Working Times, along with the sender date, name and a Cats attachment, appears in the managers UWL which makes it look like someone has time to be approved however, we do not go to the UWL to approve time.  If this task is clicked on in the UWL a u201CService cannot be reached HTTP 404 u2013 Not foundu201D error is thrown.  The send date of this task does correspond with a date when the employee entered time in ESS which the manager approved a few days later in MSS.  So it appears that occasionally but not regularly or in any sort of pattern, time workflows to both MSS where the managers approve it and to the UWL where we donu2019t want it and sits there and drives the managers crazy.  (Managers do go to the UWL to approve PCRs.)  We have checked the workflow log and cannot see a split.  How do we prevent the time approval from routing to the UWL?

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    Karri Kemppi
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    For me it seems that the the workflow should be turned off. There are ways to disable tasks from UWL, etc. (to not show them), but I would definately take a look to the CATS configurations in SPRO (unfortunately I don't remember the exact path, but it should not be too difficult to find). Basically there is place where you define that which workflow task is send to the manager when the employee releases the timesheet. You can perhaps remove this task from the configuration or perhaps there is some checkbox or something where you can turn of the workflow or whatever. Take look to this first. If you have CATS/HR people on your site, they will probably know what I am talking about.


    Another perhaps good option could be that you do certain configurations for UWL and then the CATS approval application is opened when the managers click the item in UWL -. but I would first try to prevent the work item to be sent to the workflow at all, if it should not be sent there at the first place.




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    Mark Musser
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    Hi James,


    Karri is right on according to our experience. Your configuration folks should use transaction CAC1 to configure each of the profiles that are used in the timesheet and make sure that the workflow section for the profiles do not have the "With SAP Workflow" on or a Task in the task field.


    It would seem intermittent because of the timing. If a manager approves it in the regular approval interface, it will be automatically removed from the UWL. If they are using the UWL and it does not get refreshed, then it may still appear there but when clicked on will say there are not tasks.


    Another reason for the intermittent behavior could be that some of the profiles have the workflow on and other do not.


    Hope this helps.