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SSO is not working - User is missing credentials for connecting to alias

Isvarya Bolisetti
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Dear Experts,


I am facing a strange problem in SSO with reference system user mapping.  I have configured reference system user mapping for accessing R/3 for ESS/MSS and transactional iviews along with UWL.  The SSO was configured 2 months ago and was working fine till yesterday.


Since this Monday, (2 days), the system connection tests are failing on connector.  But, ESS/MSS & Transaction iviews with SAP Logon tickets are working fine. But, while trying to access UWL tasks, SSO is failing. Following is the error message -


"Exception occured Exception type:com.sap.netweaver.bc.uwl.connect.ConnectorException Message:Tue Aug 11 09:46:58 CEST 2009

(Connector) :com.sap.portal.connectivity.destinations.PortalDestinationsServiceException:User is missing credentials for connecting to alias <Aliassystem>. Contact your system administrator. "


I have created a destination for the respective backend in Visual Admin > node >  services > Destinations as some tasks are not visible in UWL as per Note-  1133821, 2 weeks ago.It was working fine till yestreday. While testing from destinations, for Connected User(SAP Logon ticket Assertion ticket) , getting the error message  -

Error During ping operation:Ticket contain no/an  emplty ABAP user id(refer note 1159962). The destination is successfully connected with configured user.


But from the Tracecollector logs, I can see that the mapped user is set in the SAP Logon ticket and the User <ABCD> is existing in the target ECC system. More over, the SSO with refence system user mapping is working fine for ESS/MSS and Transaction based iviews. It is failing only for UWL tasks and also in system connection tests for connector. ITS was failing since the beginning.WAS is successful even now.


Trace file info -



Mapped user [ABCD] set in SAP Logon Ticket. The authenticated user is [<portaluserid>]. Authentication stack: [ticket]..



The created ticket is:

[Ticket [initialized]

  Ticket Version  = 0

  Ticket Codepage =  (Encoding=1100)

  User = <ABCD>

  Issuing System ID    = EPD

  Issuing System Client = 000

  Creation Time = 200908110746

  Valid Time    = 8 h 0 min

  Signature (length=261 bytes)




I checked tcode SSO2 in ECC system and it is ready for accepting the logon tickets.  The strange thing is single sign on is working for ESS/Transactional iviews and not for UWL. Second thing is UWL was working fine till yesterday morning and stopped working now with SSO problems.


Can you pls advise where to look for fixing the SSO - missing user details for UWL destination?