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Need info on Mass Run FKK_EBS_TOI_COPA

Maruthi Rao CV
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For SAP FS-CD project,  We want to post data into CD by generating the IDOC through LSMW in Delayed Status (With out posting) and will be posted using Mass Run FKK_EBS_TOI_COPA.


What is the standard process of posting throguh IDOC.  when i post through IDOC will they be posted with delayed status ( withour real postings).  Do we have to run Mass Run FKK_EBS_TOI_COPA for real postings.


I need to know the relevant events for Mass Run FKK_EBS_TOI_COPA.


Also i  need info on how to track errors on the below;  Is there any way where we can track errors on the below


1)      LSMW Data Read/Convert


2)       IDOC generation with error Status


3)       FKK_EBS_TOI_COPA Mass run SLG1 log


Please provide the information.


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    Andre Frugulhetti
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    HI CVMaruthiRao,



    IDOC generation with error Status --> You can use the  WE05 transaction,   in this transaction you will see the error description and you can fixe!


    FKK_EBS_TOI_COPA Mass run SLG1 log  --> In SLG1 you will see only the error after the IDOC processing.... in this case you alredy have the DOCUMENT (FPE1)  Struture... and you can see any error at the document creation...  but not on the IDOC processing.



    WE19 you can use for creat  any IDOC test you need...


    I have a helpfull IDOC MANUAL (TOI COPA) configuration  if is interesant for you , just send me an email.... andreppf hotmail  com !!



    I'm olso in an FS-CD project... but in my client we are not using the TOI COPA ... I have used in RM-CA projet...


    André Frgulhetti....