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Difference between TSW and TD

John Remi
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Hello Experts,


I am new to OIL & GAS. Could any one tell me why OIL & GAS needs to implement TD & TSW (why conventional SAP logistics modules not meet these requirements). Also difference between TSW & TD.




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    Jitendra Soni
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    Hi MM SRM,


    Oil & Gas industry have different scenario than normal industries thats y SAP developed modules like TSW & TD etc..



    Simple example :    A -> Vendor         B -> Customer


    A sends 1000  liters of oil to  B.  As we know temperature & pressure impacts on Liquied & Gas materials(Basic Physics).


    So  B may receives a different volume based on temperature and pressure.


    So In Oil Industry ,  the above transaction  will be written as


    A sends 1000 Lit. Oil on 15 degree Cel.  to B..


    So B will measure the volume on the same temperature.


    Technical Example : For Good movements  , SAP has provide two BAPIs  :



    2. BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE_OIL (For Oil industry)



    TSW deals with Ticketing & Nomination  While TD deals with your transportation part like Vehicle types , Bulk shipment etc.



    More u can find on help.sap.com



    Jitendra Soni