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Same material master in 2 company codes

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Hi ,


Is it possible to have same material master which is currently in 1 company code to be extended to another company code. I mean to say the material master number should remain the same but the views data can be different dependent on another comapny code.


If it is possible please let me know how to do the same.


I have created a new company code but when i go for extension of a material amster to another company code , I cannot figure out of how to do it.



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    mr. PPIO
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    dear friend,


    you can not assign a material to a company code.


    but you can assign a plant to company code.


    you can create a material on plant.


    before to create a material on plant (use MM01) make sure your plant is assigned to correct compnay code


    to check that please run OX18 (it is a config) and find out your plant against the company code you need.


    so, for example, in your particular situation you have 2 different company codes - A and B

    in "Assignment Plant-Company Code" (OX18) you have the following records:


    CoCd A has plant X

    CoCd B has plant Y


    run MM01 and create a material K on plant X;

    run MM01 and create the same material K on plant Y


    All done.


    Good luck!


    P.S. to extend the existing material on new plant use the same MM01 t-code