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Fix for CR for VS2010 visual effects bug: faded or blank report under IE9

Alex Fokin
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Crystal Reports Viewer occasionally leaves reports faded or blank under InternetExplorer v.9.


Bug has been already mentioned in other threads:

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CR Viewer uses MochiKit JavaScript library v.1.4 for client operations, having bug in MochiKit.DOM.setOpacity function (New.js):

filter:alpha style is used to set 100% opacity under IE, although IE9 has abandoned this property support and switched to CSS3 standards:

if (value == 1) {
        element.style.cssText = cssText.replace(/filter: ?alpha\([^\)]*\);?/gi, '');



1. Fix MochiKit library to perform unconditional style.opacity maintenance in MochiKit.DOM.setStyle function;

2. Or use MochiKit.Style.setOpacity function that doesn't have this bug.



When this fix can be applied and released for CR for VS2010 package?