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Define Number Ranges & Grouping for Contacts

Arun B
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Hi Gurus,


I have a problem when creating the contact person. When creating the contact person for Prospect system is assigning the number which is assigned to the prospect.


Do we have to define number range for contact person and assign number range to grouping in the same path where we define numberranges for BP.


Path: CAC-> SAP BP->BP->Basic Settings->Number Ranges and Groupings-> Define number Ranges, Define groupings and assign number ranges


Can someone please tell me the path to define number ranges for contact persons and where to assign number range to the grouping.




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    W. Kitsz
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    Number ranges are directly coupled to Business Partner Grouping. So the grouping determines the range a business partner gets.

    If no grouping is selected, a business partner gets the "Standard Internal Number Range" . This is a radio button in the customization setting you mentioned: CAC-> SAP BP->BP->Basic Settings->Number Ranges and Groupings-> Define number Ranges.


    My guess is that in customization of your system, both Organizations (prospects) and Persons (Contact Persons) get the Standard Internal Number Range. If you would like to change this behaviour, you have to create a grouping for Prospects, and one for Contact Persons. Then, create two number ranges for both groupings.


    Last step is to make the field "Grouping" available in the WebUI (assuming you use that when creating a business partner). Then you can choose a grouping when creating a prospect or contact person, and therewith determine the correct number range.

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      Arun B
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      Atlast we got solution and problem resolved. please find the steps/settings mentioned below.


      Step1: First download DNL_CUST_TSAB and DNL_CUST_TPFK. Then once run CUSTOMER_REL and then BUPA_REL in R3AS.


      Step 2: For contact person replication from CRM to R/3 most important thing to check is number range in CRM and ECC (R/3).


      CRM: Create Number range for Contact Person in CRM (in the same path where you define the BP Number Ranges). And the number range should be the internal in CRM and should be external in R/3.


      R/3: In ECC, go to transaction VPN1 check the number range assigned to AP as this one is used for contacts and maintain the same number range which you have maintained in the CRM. Here even though if you main the NUmber Range as External the system will consider the number range as internal.


      There is no PIDE (Customers)/ PIDV (Vendors) settings for contacts as it don't have account groups. As soon as you assign contact to any u201Csold tou201D or u201Cship tou201D it will be replicated to ECC through BUPA_REL bdoc.


      Step 3: Go to TCode SMW01 in SAP CRM and check for the BDocs.


      Create a Customer Account in CRM in TCode. BP and Assign this contact person to customer/Sold-to party in Relationship tab by select "Has contact person" and put this contact person and Hit Create and save. You will have BUPA_REL generated as BDOC with no aparent destination as "OLTP". But you can see this contact person in XD03 of ECC on main screen "Contact person" tab.


      IN CRM open the customer account in TCode BP and go to the Contact Tab/Assignment Block you can see the contact person. In the same way go to TCode XD03 in R/3  and click the Contact Tab you can find the contact person details which you have entered in CRM.


      But the problem raises when some one create Contact person in R3 then system selects the grouping which is assigned to Prospect/Customer will create Account with number which we maintained as internal. inorder to avoid this go through the note number 564538.


      But still numbers for contact persons may differ in CRM and R3.