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How to maintain the Campaign code at the item/subitem level ?

Vaibhav Kwatra
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How can we maintain the campaign id at the item/subitem level?


I tried following steps


a) tried to create a weborder using the crmd_order tcode

b) provided the campaign code at the header level

c) provided the line item details

d) campaign id got copied from header level to item level

e) now, tried to change the campaign id manually at the item level.

f) saved the order. Campaign id did not change.


Please let me know if it is possible to change the campaign id at the item/subitem level?




  • Re: How to maintain the Campaign code at the item/subitem level ?
    Winnie Hendrich
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    Hello Vaibhav,


    The campaign determination is designed like that:

    For subitem, other item attributes might be determined

    (e.g. item category). If those attributes are required by

    campaign determination procedure, different campaignsn will be

    determined for subitem, which brings different result.


    Please could you check first the attributes required by

    campaign determination procedure.


    Please also check if it helps in case you register callback

    function CRM_CAMPAIGN_SUBITEM_COPY_EC for object 'ORDERADM_I' and event

    'AFTER_CREATE_WITH_REFERENCE'. In that case the campaign should be

    copied to the subitems in case it is available during transfer from

    product posposal as CRM_CAMPAIGN_SUBITEM_COPY_EC will be called after

    BOM explosion happene. As execution time please use 010 and priority 26.

    Please check also note 1158067.


    Have you made testings in WebUI? As you know, the operations

    in SAPGUI is not officially supported in release 6.0.


    Regards, Winnie