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Crystal Server Setup - Help Needed

Jason Hudson
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OK....let me start by saying my experience with Crystal has been with Designer only.  However, in my organization, I guess that means I know the server-side as well.


So.....here we are.  We have applications written in ColdFusion 9, backend to SQL 2008, and now I'm trying to get Crystal setup on this new server to function "as it used to" (gotta love it when that term gets thrown out).  So, 99% of the reports are called from the application itself - they click a submit button that calls a report and the report is then displayed in the same window.


I've installed Crystal Server 2011, with all the stuff I have NO clue what it is (Central Config Manager, Smart Server, who knows), it is all on MS Server 2008 R2.


Services are running except I don't see Crystal Server service like on the previous server.  What am I missing here?