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WAD: Pass Input Text Item to Query Variable and refresh

Brent Mawhinney
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I have a data provider in a WAD template that I want to have refresh from a button click after a  value is input into a text box

Simple. The user fills in the value and clicks the button to refresh the query. There are too many possible values to accomodate a dropbox.


The input text web item is in place .


The  data provider is an IP planning template . It only has ONE mandatory variable in the filter, ready for input, default value '0'.


I have a button group set up with one button defined 'Planning Query' . Its going to kick off SET_SELECTION_STATE_BY_BINDING. Data provider affected DP_1.


The Selection Binding is Manual Input on the variable name . The variable name does not appear in the drop list but is in the filter of DP_1.


The binding type is Web Item with Manual Input and its assigned to my text field


I think this should work, but it doesn't.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks