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Need help in choosing ideal career path

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I have done two PG's

MBA with Specialization in Human Resource Management (correspondence Mode)

M.Com with Specialization in Financial Analysis (University Campus / Regular)

And I have experience in Field Operations Department as Team Leader for three years


Now I'm in a bit confusion, in choosing ideal career path

Weather to go with HR or Finance side


And I wish/plan to do SAP module


The question which is making making my brain come out is, in present market situation and with future perspective...


Which path (HR or Finance) have better growth, pay scale & future...


Please help me... I'll be waiting for your invaluable suggestions and information...


Thanks a million in advance..


Raghuram Alla

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    Leon Limson
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    Hi Raghuram,


    Both SAP HR or Finance(FICO) are in very much demand in the market. It is upon you to decide which

    field you like to take.


    Since your basic qualification is in Finance, it would be better you go in the Finance area.

    If you are not very strong or not very interested in Finance, you can go for HR module as you

    have a higher degree in that.


    One things that you should keep in mind is, it is the domain experience that matters for you to grow

    in any module in SAP. If you go in the proper career path and gain proper experience, pay scale wouldn't

    be a problem for you in the future.




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    Thomas Dulaney
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    I have written an article on IT toolbox which gives folks new to SAP an idea of what a typical career path looks like. It can be found at http://it.toolbox.com/wiki/index.php/Advice_for_Recent_College_Graduates_(aka_%22Freshers%22).


    Here's the short version



    college > entry level non-SAP job (3-5 years) > entry level job as SAP end user (3 to 5 years)  > SAP training and/or SAP certification (on the job or nights & weekends)  > entry level SAP configuration job (1 to 3 years) > at this point you can branch to either entry level SAP consulting or to mid level SAP configuration with a company.


    You seem to be at step two of the process. It's time for you to look for a job and an end user with a company that is either already running SAP or is in the process of implementing SAP. If you are extremely lucky and land a job with a company in the process of implementing and they're willing to include you on the implementation team as someone who knows the business processes in general but not SAP, then you can shortcut a bit, but that involves a bit of luck.


    Please don't choose your future career based on what random folks tell you the future is in a forum. Regardless of anyone's predictions, the correct choice is the area about which you feel most passionate.  Neither HR nor FI are going away any time soon, so your passion for one topic or the other will drive you to learn more and become a vital part of any company you join. Passion is the key.


    I hope this helps!


    Best regards,