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BW-BPS Variable Selection Screen Issue

Mitch Giegling
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We currently use BW-BPS as our planning tool with the web-based interface.  One of our planning web screens includes a cost center variable with the user selection configured as Input Field with Input Help.  This allows the user to select the cost center using search parameters in a pop-up screen.  I recently created a new web interface by copying the existing one and making minor changes.  After generating it, the new interface works as planned, however the data in the cost center search pop-up box is garbled. 


Since the original screen works fine, I theorized that the act of generating the interface caused the issue.  I confirmed this by generating the original web screen without making any changes and it saw that it also has garbled pop-up search data.  I then changed the setting from Input Field with Input Help to Dropdown Box and re-generated.  This worked normally therefore the issue seems to specific to generating the Input Field with Input Help settings. 


Are there any notes out there to correct this generation issue? We are currently on the following:


SAP_BASIS - 700 - 0025

SAP_ABA - 700 - 0025

PI_BASIS - 2006_1_700 - 0015

ST-PI - 2008_1_700 - 0004

SAP_BW - 700 - 0027

FINBASIS - 600 - 0020

SEM-BW - 600 - 0020

BI_CONT - 703 - 0016