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Wokflow approval mail template

sreekumar Nair
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Hi ,


We are using SAP sourcing7. We have created a workflow which is triggered when the contract document phase is changed to Approval phase. Approval request email is sent to the approvers with the link to approve the documet.


We are using the system default email configuartion, but the approval request email received doesn't have many tokens populated.


For eg. 1) Document Owner, 2) Organizational Unit, 3) Estimated Value and 4) Category


I am aware that the mail templates are shared across the CLM system and all the token values given above may not be available in case of a contract workflow approval request.


But, I guess 'Document Owner' is a quite common token which should be available across the system.


Any ideas to why this token doesn't come as populated?




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    Vikram Shanmugasundaram
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    Hi Moumita,

    For document owner the token is OWNER_FIRST_LAST_NAME. You may want to look at the available global mail tokens on the Resource Guide. Click on Resource Guide --> Mail Template Reference and check the list of global tokens.


    Hope this helps.




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      Moumita Joarder
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      Hi Vikram,


      Yes, I am able to see the 'OWNER_FIRST_LAST_NAME' token in the available mail tokens in the RG.


      Below are all the global tokens from RG:



      Type: Global Tokens - Available on all Mail Types  (type list)



      Type-Specific Tokens

      Token Name Description

      IS_BUYSIDE Always present for internal emails.

      IS_SELLSIDE Always present for external emails.

      RECIPIENT_FIRST_NAME The first name of the recipient.

      TECH_SUPPORT_PHONE The phone number for tech support.

      TECH_SUPPORT_EMAIL The email address for the technical support contact.

      COMPANY_NAME The name of the company generating the message.

      WORKBENCH_URL The URL to login to the application and bring a user to the workbench.

      LOGIN_URL The URL to login to the application.

      DOCUMENT_NAME The name of the document.

      DOCUMENT_ID The document number of a business document.

      DOCUMENT_URL The URL for the document.

      DOCUMENT_HEADER_URL The URL for the document's header page.

      DOCUMENT_DISCUSSIONS_URL The URL for the document'e discussions page.

      DOCUMENT_TYPE The name of the assigned document type (RFx, RFQ, etc.).

      OWNER_FIRST_LAST_NAME The full name of the document's owner.

      OWNER_EMAIL The email address of the document's owner.

      OWNER_PHONE The phone number of the document's owner.




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    Namsoo Joo
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    Hi there,


    My question is similar to this so I ask here.

    I want to display PROJECT ID in workflow approval request template.

    I used %DOCUMENT_ID% for it, but it was not recognized.


    What is a token for PROJECT ID ?

    Thank you in advance.

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      Moumita Joarder
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      Hi Jordan,


      You can only display the tokens which are available in the global mail template and workflow approval request email templates. The 'Project ID' is not available in the workflow template, so it is not possible to be displayed.

      'Document ID' gives the ID of the contract document.


      In order to see what are the tokens which are available for display in any email template, go to Reference Guide-->Mail Template Reference.


      hope this helps.